Nissan Malaysia announces price hike for selected models

Nissan Malaysia ETCM Nissan Branch Showroom at Keningau, Sabah Nissan Malaysia (Edaran Tan Chong Motor) today released a press statement on price increase across its major line-ups. The price increase is applicable for the selected models, varying between 2.8% to 6.7%, and comes into effect starting 1 April.

The decision for this price adjustment is due to the weakened Malaysian Ringgit, which has severely impacted the overall operational costs of Nissan Malaysia (Edaran Tan Chong Motor). “Over the past months despite severe pressure from a weakened Malaysian Ringgit, ETCM have implemented necessary measures to reduce the impact. However, due to the prolonged unfavorable foreign exchange and the persistent pressure of higher operating costs, selected models will have a price increase,” Dato’ Dr Ang Bon Beng, Executive Director of ETCM said.

The popular compact Nissan Almera sees its previous price of RM64,765.12 spiked up to RM68,500.00, a difference of RM3,734.88 or 5.8%. The compact Crossover MPV Grand Livina, available in three versions, now has an adjusted price of RM67,678.36 to RM72,200.00 (4,521.64 or 6.7%) for the 1.5E, RM77,389.12 to RM82,000.00 (4,610.88 or 6.0%) for the 1.5VL AT, and RM83,974.92 to RM87,100.00 (3,125.08 or 3.7%) for the 1.6L MT.

Moving the NIssan X-Gear, the SUV model, also in three variations, has price adjustments of RM87,024.40 to RM91,100.00 (4,075.60 or 4.7%) for 1.6L AT, RM87,026.13 to RM91,100.00 (4,073.87 or 4.7%) for the 1.6L AT and RM96,574.42 to RM102,800.00(6,225.58 or 6.4%) for the 1.8L AT.

The flagship model Nissan Teana gets the lowest price hike of all selected models; the base Teana 200XE goes from RM133,284.55 up to RM137,000.00 (3,715.45 or 2.8%), while the 200XL and 250XV fluctuate from RM143,318.84 to RM147,500.00 (4,181.16 or 2.9%) and RM162,699.65 to RM167,500.00 (4,800.35 or 3.0%), respectively.

Nissan Malaysia has continuously sought and reviewed opportunities to hold the current prices of vehicles for the interest of its customers, and in fact is one of the last auto companies to increase price. The company has implemented cost rationalization measures and reviewed all operations across the supply chain to mitigate the weaker Ringgit.

Other Nissan models like the Serena S-Hybrid, X-Trail, NP300 Navara and NV200 are unaffected by the price hike. For further information, interested parties are advised to contact Nissan Malaysia, ETCM’s Customer Relations hotline at 1800-88-3838.

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