NZ Wheels’ refurbished Mercedes-Benz Bangsar Autohaus provides

 NZ Wheels Mercedes-Benz Bangar Autohaus The previous Naza-Brabus Autohaus at the Bangsar central vicinity has been converted to a full-fledged Mercedes-Benz Autohaus under NZ Wheels, a subsidiary of the Naza Group of Companies. NZ Wheels, also an importer and dealer of Mercedes-Benz, today officiated its refurbished Bangsar Autohaus.

The 3-storey NZ Wheels Bangsar Autohaus, adjacent to the Bangsar Shopping Village and famous Telawi road, occupies an area of 13,000 sq. ft. and becomes the latest Mercedes-Benz showroom in one of the capital city’s most populous vicinities. With the major themes in place, customers or visitors to the NZ Wheels Bangsar Autohaus are assured Mercedes-Benz’s fascinaton, ‘awe’ and splendid-ness.

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The automotive lifestyle-oriented NZ Wheels Autohaus can take up to eleven vehicles as well as offer customers a host of Mercedes-Benz exclusives. At the NZ Wheels Bangsar Autohaus, potential buyers and visitors are ensured of consistent customer services, plus an AMG corner and the extras. NZ Wheels has completely furnished the Autohaus with top-notch building materials, amenities and equipment; including sofas, lifts, and even the coffee dispenser is a product of Europe.

NZ Wheels Mercedes-Benz Bangar Autohaus: MBM's Kai SCHLICKUM, Maslan, Dato Wira SM Faisal

Dato’ Wira SM Faisal, Joint Chairman of Naza Group of Companies, reiterated, “We have the utmost confidence in this venture in Bangsar. The NZ Wheels Bangsar Autohaus is the first Corporate Solution Center in South East Asia and NZ Wheels are further cementing their commitment and confidence to the brand by investing a total of RM 15 million for this project.”

“Another key highlight of the Autohaus in Bangsar is that it houses the very first AMG Corner in the country where true motor enthusiasts are able to experience what the Mercedes AMG brand stands for,” he added.

The NZ Wheels Bangsar Autohaus also happens to be the first Corporate Solutions Ccnter for Mercedes-Benz in South East Asia, which means Business owners from small, medium sized to multinational conglomerates can now receive customized corporate solutions on fleet purchases. The customized corporate solutions range from attractive fleet offers, corporate packages to related  financing solutions.

The NZ Wheels Bangsar Autohaus is the 31st Mercedes-Benz Autohaus in the country. And, this Autohaus is recognized as  the first fully-compliant Three-point Star MPS II showroom in the country.

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The new NZ Wheels Bangsar Autohaus operates from 10a – 10p, the first Three-point Star showroom in the country to do so, and is located at 61, Jalan Ara, Bangsar Baru KL.

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