It’s official Perodua new Sedan is known as Bezza

Perodua Bezza Product Flyer

National Automakers Perodua is set to unveil its very first Sedan model, officially called the Bezza. Following the runaway success of its current variants, Perodua is putting its foot down to offer a sedan variant for the first time in its 25 years of existence. The Perodua Bezza will open for bookings at dealerships nationwide from 16 July, ahead of its 19 July debut.

Prior to the new sedan’s release, Perodua has been toying with the idea of introducing a sedan to its line-up for some years. In 2015, Perodua’s top management and foreign partners finally decided that the time was right to offer a sedan variant, initially codenamed D63D.

The Perodua Bezza is based on the Axia platform with the usual unique selling point derivatives affordable ownership, dependable quality, environmental friendly, attractive styling, efficient engine, spacious interior with large luggage compartment and global comfort level. The new Perodua sedan is offered in two engine options: 1.0-liter and 1.3-liter, both engines provide decent output and torque. Details to follow soon after the launch of the Bezza…

Leading Manufacturer in the country

Perodua has been leading manufacturer in the country for vehicle sales in the past decade and counting, thanks to its affordable product offerings since 2004. Taking over the lead from Proton, the other national carmakers, in 2003, Perodua jumped ahead of their rivals with the adorable Kancil variant, which led the overall car sales from 2004 – 05. The Perodua Kancil was replaced by the MyVi as the best seller from 2006 until 2014. Between that period, the MyVi went through a series of updates and revisions, but the end results remained the same. The MyVi became an instant hit when it first arrived on the scene in 2006, with sales figures topping out as high as 91,000 units a year over the course of 2006 – 2014.

With the introduction of the new Perodua Bezza, Perodua is looking to continue to strengthrn its position as top manufacturer in the country. The company intends to uphold its promise of constant product upgrading for its vast customer population, as well as embarking on future undertakings to stay firmly as the nation’s most preferred automotive brand. Perodua’s other major undertakings include after-sales, customer services and network expansion.

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