Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia through its financial arm, Mercedes-Benz Financial, has announced the new MobilityPlus program. This unique program offers a car replacement for customers who have chosen to finance or lease Mercedes-Benz cars.

It’s never a better time than now to own a Mercedes-Benz with the MobilityPlus. The MobilityPlus is the first of its kind in auto financing. The program is geared towards comprehensive and innovative financing solutions. A replacement car is made available for owners, who send their cars for regular services and warranty claims, which usually take 2 days.

Mercedes-Benz Services MD Mike Ponnaz remarked, “As value added services, the MobilityPlus exemplifies the brand’s clear focus on customer satisfaction. This innovative solution is available from our leasing and financing product options.”

Mercedes-Benz Financial MobilityPlus Car replacement

The car replacement plan allows a customer to select a preferred pick-up and drop off point. A notification will be sent to a customer within a day. Furthermore, a 20-day per year entitlement period is offered for the replacement car at no extra cost to the customer. Although available for the entire country, the company will add Langkawi and Labuan in due time.

MobilityPlus: Hire Purchase Financing

With MobilityPlus, the Hire Purchase Classic Financing is now known as FinanceCare. A straightforward route to ownership, spreading the overall cost over a fixed term with value added features. A new leasing product Lease@Ease (Operating Lease + Service & Maintenance) will also be introduced. An all-in-one solution lease payment plan with value added services such as Tyre & Rims and Comprehensive Insurance with Service & Maintenance. In addition, the MobilityPlus feature will also be included into Agility Financing (for new cars) and Young Star Agility Financing (MB pre-owned certified cars).

The MobilityPlus coverage is on the first two (2) year period for FinanceCare and Agility solutions and up to four (4) year period for leasing solution depending on the lease tenure.

Determined to raise the bar in the auto financing industry, Mercedes-Benz Financial redefines its product portfolio with a clear emphasis on customers’ lifestyle and mobility needs that are tailored to individuals who seeks value, unrivalled benefits and peace of mind.

For more information on MobilityPlus, logon to or call Mercedes-Benz Customer Care line at 1-800-88-1133 during work hours.