Perodua AXIA G_2 Perodua Axia, the nation’s top selling compact variant, now comes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), beginning January. The ABS is only valid for the Axia G version; the second of four versions available in the Axia range. The other Axias include the Axia E, Axia SE and Axia Advance.

The Perodua Axia G carries plenty of the MyVi’s exterior elements (headlights and front bumper), but the sub-compact does have its unique multi-spoke wheels. The Axia G is streamlined at the sides to maintain a neat and trim profile. At the back, the bumper is paired to the variant’s very own combination lights and rearguards for a bit of aggression.

Moving to the interior, the Axia G sits five adults rather comfortably with its enlarged 2,455mm wheelbase. Boot space has also been increased compared to the Viva, with a 260-liter capacity. Further interior highlights include small storage compartments, cup holders, all-around hooks, amber-illuminated instrument cluster, fabric seats, basic CD player and door trims based on material colors.

The Axia G has a 1.0-liter DOHC Electronic Fuel Injection engine that’s paired to an Electronically Controlled Automatic transmission. This gives it an output of 49kW and 90 Nm of torque. Fuel consumption is deemed the lowest ever for a Perodua variant at 21.6km/l, up to 20.1 km/l, on a 33 liter fuel tank capacity.

A variation of Safety features for the Axia include collision-resistant body, dual airbags, ISOFIX, 3-point seat belts, immobilizer and security window film. Check with your Perodua dealership for verification purposes.

Perodua AXIA G

Price for the Perodua Axia G has been risen up by RM1,500, from its original price range between RM 29,800 – 33,200. Here’s the complete Perodua Axia color and price listings: twelve colors, including Lemongrass Green, Cherry Blossom, Lava Red and Sunflower Yellow; Axia E from RM 24,600 – 25,000, Axia SE from RM 36,800 to 40,200 and Axia Advance, from RM 42,130 – 42,530.