Perodua emblem and 20th Anniversary insignia For the fifth straight year, second domestic car makers Perodua is organizing the Perodua Eco-challenge especially for students from selected institutions of higher learning. The Perodua Eco-challenge is held in conjunction with the car company’s 20th anniversary and offers up to RM 127,000 prize money.

The Perodua Eco-challenge, endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education, is formalized especially for these perspective individuals as a real-world working platform to allow the qualified individuals to test their knowledge and skills in the fields of automotive engineering and marketing. For the fifth edition, a total of 10 institutions of higher learning have been selected to redesign a Perodua Myvi into an entirely new perspective. The challenge runs until the December slated dateline. “This year, the institutions not only have to make the car more fuel efficient, but they also have to improve on its design to suit the needs and lifestyle of the general public. To make things even more interesting, each team must have the Perodua name in their finished product; such as the Perodua Dreadnaught or the Perodua Flash – for example,” Dato’Aminar Rashid Salleh, Perodua President and CEO, reiterated.

2013 Perodua Eco-challenge contestants

In addition, the Perodua Eco-challenge put the qualified students or contestants and their lecturers to the ultimate test. They are required to work as a team to formulate theories to produce the most fuel efficient vehicle, against specially prepared obstacles, challenging aspects and datelines.

The categories for the 2013 Perodua Eco-challenge edition include; “Long Distance”, “Engineering”, “Time Attack”, “Marketing Challenge” and “Overall Champion” category. Additionally, a new category “Styling” is added to the challenge, and the winning design could potentially be the next Perodua variant or best-seller.

The higher learning institutions competing in the 2013 Perodua Eco-challenge are; Universiti Selangor, Universiti Teknology Petronas, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (NEW), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Politeknik Ungku Omar.

Perodua has made the Eco-challenge a little more interesting by increasing the prize money from RM 103,000 to 127,000; a 23 percent spike from last year’s total prize money. Overall, Perodua spent some RM6 million for the Eco-challenge program since 2009, which constituted an average of RM1.2 million annually; and the Eco-Challenge is the largest Perodua CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative.