DSC09527_exposure_resize Perodua, the leading automotive marque in the country, has managed to maintain its leading position in the overall Automotive Sales for 2015, following a record year of 213,167 units (to be confirmed and verified by Malaysian Automotive Association). The best overall sales record betters that of 2014’s  195,579 units.

With the best ever sales record, Perodua even managed to exceed its 2015 sales target of 208,000 units. Spurred by healthy demand for their top three variants, namely the MyVi, Axia and Alza. Despite having only three popular variants in its entire line up since 2006, Perodua remains the country’s favorite marque or auto maker.

The ever popular Myvi, which went with a facelift in 2015, contributed very decent percentage to the overall sales, while the Axia retained a close proximity to its more popular sibling. Perodua’s compact MPV, the Alza, probably contributed 20 percent to the overall sales figures, having been accorded an update late last year.

Famed for building quality and fuel efficient cars at affordable prices and offering outstanding value to its customers, Perodua has embarked on plenty of interesting sales and marketing strategies over the past fiscal year, which included introduction of enhanced variants, make available options and accessories for specific variants, emphasize on sales and dealership expansion across the country and facility upgrades, and stress on improved after sales services, customer services and related support units.

With a not-so-encouraging TIV (Total Industry Volume) forecast in the automotive industry, will Perodua be able to maintain their sales numbers and achieve yet another sales record in 2016? Well, it doesn’t look like anyone or marque, for that matter, can even come close to match those numbers; unless the government protection scheme is lifted and tax structure or a fairer playground could be implemented…