Based on the encouraging response to the recently introduced Perodua Bezza, the Naitonal Carmakers has urged the Government to expedite buying incentives for first time car buyers. The said incentives for the first time buyers will fall under the soon-to-be-announced National Budget 2017.

Perodua’s President and CEO Aminar Rashid Salleh has told the press that the incentives for first time buyers is meant to spur consumer spending especially in times of current economic downtrend. If the incentive plan is implemented, first time car buyers will receive a reduced down payment towards their purchases; among the many benefits passed on to the citizens or prospective customers. With the incentive plan, first car buyers will also enjoy substantial benefits from financial and insurance institutions, subjected the National Bank’s approval.

The incentive plan, subjected to approval, is one of Perodua’s core strategy to support the National Automotive Policy. The plan is also subjected to be implemented on a staggered basis for local dealerships to have enough duration to better their delivery times and quality assurance in order to ensure a fair competition in the industry. Apart from dealerships, related OEM and parts vendors are able to improve on core competencies and capabilities, which directly help to expedite delivery and promote export to overseas markets.

Perodua is spearheading the incentive plan efforts to rank up the domestic automotive market, much like incentive plans already available in developed countries such as the U.S.A., Germany, South Korea and Japan. The National carmakers has also urged the government to ease up on the procurement policy to allow Perodua to be included as an option for bulk vehicle purchases. The procurement policy criterias include implement more flexible options for government personnel, reduction in the overnight policy rate and lowering of base lending rates by financial institutions. Financial institutions, governed by the Bank Negara, can be selective or observe case by case basis on potential buyers.

The Malaysian government is set to tabulate the 2017 National Budget on 21 October.