2015 Petron Fuel Happy campaign, Petron staff rejoicing Petron Malaysia has been thriving in the country since the switch from its former calling, Mobil/Esso. Up to date, Petron Malaysia has successfully completed its Red and Blue hue rebranding and upgrading initiative to all five hundred and fifty stations across the country. Today, Petron Malaysia observed its 3rd year of existence with the latest “Fuel Happy” campaign that promises more satisfying and rewarding ‘Petron’ experience to its legion of customers.

On its debut in the country three years earlier, Petron Malaysia initiated the nationwide loyalty card exchange program and encouraged the switch from the former Smiles card to the current Petron Miles card. That program was a major success as over 2 million card holders had switched to the Miles card. Most card holders now regularly redeem points and rewards at Petron stations or via valid redemption methods. Additionally, over 4,000 Corporations are subscribed to the Petron Fleet card, which features microchip technology; the first Corporate fuel fleet card with such technology.

The 2015 Petron “Fuel Happy”, held at the Genting Convention Center, took on a familiar cheerful theme; yes folks, if you could recall the adorable Penguins who had a knack of singing and dancing in the South Pole from the movie “Happy Feet”. Major Petron partners also took part in the 3rd year anniversary celebrations and Fuel Happy campaign kick-off such as Public Bank, Nestle, FOX network and more. Petron dealers and guests were treated to a theater-like exhibition upon entry into the Petron Happy Fuel zone, along with loads of goodies and prizes, courtesy of Petron and its participating partners.

Moving on, Petron Malaysia aims to make greater strides in the country as the company places a premium on customer satisfaction, innovative products and services and quality rewards for customers. The brand is also about forging rewarding relationships with its customers, both individual and corporations.

The Fuel Happy campaign, part of Petron’s network expansion program, is expected to give customers a surprise treat or freebies every week of the month, beginning April till December at all Petron stations. Petron wouldn’t reveal the surprise and encourage customers to visit their nearest Petron stations to discover more. “We wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, therefore we strongly encourage customers to visit Petron stations to find out for themselves,” Petron Malaysia’s Head of Retail Faridah Alo remarked. “We aim to strengthen and elevate service excellence at each and every station to make Petron the brand of choice. Aside from our world-class fuel products, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors with greater care and personal touch that our customers experience whenever they visit our stations.”

Basic services; such as windshield wiping and related personalized services, are now mandatory at all Petron stations. And, customers are rest assured that they’ll be greeted by trained service attendants and friendly personnel at all times. Other standards that are required for all Petron stations include utmost cleanliness and well-lit facilities i.e. Treats store, restroom, and fuel pump and car wash areas. In addition, Petron has joined forces with the Police to spearhead the United Against Crime initiative.

Petron has completed 10 stations last year, with 30 more expected this year. With the thirty new stations coming up, the total Petron stations in the country should break 590 or 600 by the end of the year.

For further information about Petron and the Fuel Happy campaign, visit www.petron.com or check out the Petron Malaysia’s FB page.

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