PETRONAS has just announced the introduction of Dynamic Diesel, Malaysia’s first diesel fuel that meets the Euro 2 emission standard.

Developed for all diesel engines, this environmentally friendly diesel fuel will be available at more than 920 PETRONAS stations nationwide from 1 September 2009.

PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel is specially formulated with the SINAR D07 additive which not only cleans but maintains the cleanliness of the engine, resulting in better fuel economy and lower exhaust emission.

The additive’s anti-foaming property also effectively prevents foam build-up during refueling, while its ‘de-hazer additive’ component prevents the formation of fuel-water emulsion, giving the fuel better stability and appearance.


The development of the fuel involved extensive tests and research, including field testsinvolving various types of vehicles covering over 540,000km of various road conditions, as well as over 100 hours of engine testing for power, torque and fuel injector cleanliness. The tests yielded results that exceed the standard of the World Wide Fuel Charter (WWFC)’s most stringent category of engine tests.