Petronas introduces Sprinta with UltraFlex for Motorcycles

National Oil&Gas giants Petronas has introduced the Sprinta with UltraFlex for motorcycles. The Petronas Sprinta with UltraFlex is a flagship range of motorcycle lubricants formulated to resist engine stress and promote longer bike life.

This new range of motorcycle lubricants addresses the core requirements of motorcycle riders who want reliable and better quality rides. First launched in India last month, Petronas Sprinta with Ultraflex is now available in Malaysia. With the new lube, Petronas aims to grow its Motorcycle oilproduct volume by 3 times, by end of this year.

Tests conducted using global industry standards have shown that Sprinta with UltraFlex has the ability to provide superior oil film strength that is up to 41% higher than the industry benchmark . This helps the engine to endure the effects of load, speed and engine stress without breaking down, while allowing the bike to respond better. The new range of lubricants also offers exceptional deposit control, thus maintaining power and ride quality.

Chief Executive Officer of Petronas Lubricants Malaysia, Zubair Abdul Razak said, “At present, there is an estimated 11.6 million bikes in Malaysia with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4%. A consumer study also revealed that 81% of motorcyclists ride everyday, with 70% of them relying completely on their bikes to get around. Daily usage puts a lot of stress on bike engines, even under normal riding conditions. As a result, many consumers constantly worry about their bikes breaking down, forcing them into costly repairs or major overhauls.”

Bike stress is caused by high shear conditions that results from severe mechanical stress and high temperatures inside the engine, which can reach temperatures of up to 33% higher than that of car engines. Left unmanaged, these issues can lead to rattling noises and sluggish performance. “Combining our century-long expertise in lubricant technology and consumer-focused innovation, PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex™ is formulated to address the very issues that owners face to provide a better riding experience and longer bike life,” said Petronas Lubricants International Regional Head for Asia Pacific, Mohd Khalid Mohamed Latiff.

He added, “Our growth ambition is built on technology as a fundamental differentiator to continuously deliver superior products and services to meet consumer needs, while preparing ourselves to capture rising market opportunities. Our commitment to research and technology includes an USD60 million investment in a technology centre in Turin, Italy, which will be completed at the end of this year.”

Petronas Sprinta with UltraFlex hit the shelves in early April this year. Members of the public can visit their nearest Petronas partner workshops, Kedai Mesra outlets or ask their mechanics to find out more.

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