Malaysian Oil & Gas giants Petronas has just introduced the Petronas Urania with VisoGuard, a commercial vehicle lubricant. First launched in the Europe region in May this year, Petronas Urania with ViscGuard is now available in Malaysia.

The Petronas Urania with VisoGuard diesel engine oil has been formulated to effectively guard against engine deposits build-up in various types of commercial vehicles. This new range of diesel engine lubricants prevents abrasive wear and oxidation to maintain optimal oil viscosity that is necessary to keep commercial vehicle drivers and businesses on the move.

The build-up of engine deposits is a common but underestimated problem, which can lead to engine failure and unplanned downtime if not addressed. Soot and ash particles exist in all engines, a byproduct of diesel fuel combustion. Over time, they can cause oil thickening and further agglomerate to form larger particles that stick to critical engine parts. These ‘silent killers’ can starve critical engine parts which require necessary lubrication and increase engine’s wear and tear. Over time, and aggravated by the severe operating conditions that commercial vehicles undergo, it will eventually lead to total engine breakdown.

With the Petronas Urania with VisoGuard, the engine is further protected against failure thanks to the engine oil’s ability to fast rid of deposits. Furthermore, the Urania maintains optimal oil viscosity for longer engine life. When tested against latest industry standard, Petronas Urania with ViscGuard performed up to 89% better at maintaining oil viscosity integrity under high soot conditions. At the same time, the engine oil also performed up to 50% better in controlling carbon build-up.

Zubair Abdul Razak, CEO of Petronas Lubricants Marketing Malaysia, said. “We discovered that unplanned downtime is their biggest fear as it may lead to opportunity cost and loss of reputation. Thus, ensuring proper maintenance of their key asset, the engine, is extremely important. PETRONAS is committed to provide better solutions and services through understanding the importance of solving customer problems and ensuring that their business is profitable and sustainable.”

“Petronas Urania with ViscGuard not only guards the heart of a vehicle against engine deposits build-up, but also has a direct impact on the total cost of ownership for our customers. More importantly, it ensures that our customers are able to remain operational and meet their business commitment day after day,” he added.

The launch of Petronas Urania with ViscGuard is on the back of PLI’s strategic growth aspiration to be among the world’s top lubricants players by 2019. It capitalizes on the upward trend in the global lubricants market, projected to be worth US$166.59 billion by 2021 as well as driven by the increasing commercial vehicle sales and rapid industrialization in emerging countries.