Peugeot achieves record year in 2014 in UK Peugeot UK has announced an uptrend in total sales with impressive year-end (2014) figures for Passenger cars and LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles). In the Lion marque’s quest to expand market share in the tight-knit British market, Peugeot has tallied a full year total of 135,834 units, up more than 7% compared to 2013. This also indicates the Lion marque’s highest number of units delivered in seven years.

Demand for Peugeot cars has been exceptional in the UK thanks to a variant range that is the youngest in the Lion marque’s history. It’s packed full of sophisticated design, exceptional value for money and high desirability. The product range is also matched by customer experience with owners of the cars with the ‘Lion’ badge not shy about broadcasting the virtues of their vehicles either. Based on recent online assessments done, the average satisfaction rating for Peugeot garnered an impressive 8.6 out of 10; from 2,063 surveys collected.

Peugeot’s passenger cars sales uptrend is spurred by the 108, 308 and 2008

For passenger cars, Peugeot 2014’s total volume stood at 52,792, up more than 12 percent year-on-year. It’s significantly higher than the industry average (+9.9%), and has seen the Lion marque’s retail market share grow to 4.5% in 2014. Retail sales in December alone reached 2,679 units, a year-on-year rise of over 27%.

The sales growth is primarily thanks to exceptional retail sales performance from three critically acclaimed new variants; the all-new Peugeot 108 (7,579 units in first six months), 2008 Compact Crossover with 17,419 units in its first full year, and the new 308 (European Car of the Year), which totaled 14,697.

In the LCV segment, the Lion marque achieved a grand total of 32,268 vans sold for a 50 percent rise, compared to last year. It’s the biggest UK market growth of any LCV manufacturer during 2014. It means Peugeot ended the year as the fourth largest player in the market, a jump of two places compared to 2013. The French marque’s market share grew from 7.7 percent in 2013 to 9.8 percent in 2014. The van variants that contributed to the year’s impressive figures were the Peugeot Partner and Boxer. The Lion marque was also the top choice for Motorhome converters.

For 2015, Peugeot intends to remain resilient to drive demand in the sector with more new variants on the horizon, as well as a much improved customer service.