2015 Peugeot Just Add Fuel package for Peugeot 108 Peugeot’s “Just Add Fuel” package, introduced since July 2010, is now available for teenage drivers in the U.K. According to Peugeot U.K., approximately 27,000 owners have already signed up for the Just Add Fuel package. Previously, the Just Add Fuel package was made available to drivers aged 21 and above.

The Peugeot Just Add Fuel has also recently been introduced domestically by Nasim, the distributors of Peugeot cars. The Just Add Fuel package is a hassle free maintenance schedule that goes along with low single monthly payment to cover all motoring costs. The package include a single monthly payment to cover all motoring costs including insurance, servicing, road fund licence; roadside assistance costs, a 3-year worry-free warranty, and the opportunity to drive a new car every three years.

According to insurance statistics, drivers aged between 18 – 20 are more prone to accident therefore the Just Add Fuel package could come in handy to ease the burden of repair costs and such. Just Add Fuel for those aged 18-20 is only available to Peugeot 108 buyers and is priced from just 248 pounds rental per month. The secret is a discreet plug-in telematics device; sent to customers immediately after they take delivery of the popular city car, it attaches to the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port under the steering wheel.

Via satellite tracking, it stores and sends data on the vehicle’s speed, acceleration, deceleration and lateral G-forces. This is used to assess the customer’s driving style and rate each journey made, on a scale from 1–100. Customers can access an online portal to review their driving activities.

This is also regularly monitored by the insurer and an aggregate score awarded. Feedback is provided to assist the customer in improving this if necessary. If the score falls below an agreed threshold, the driver will receive a warning. Four warnings a year will result in the insurance policy being cancelled. This may reduce the number of insurance products available to the customer, and/or increase the premiums they are quoted.

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The Peugeot Just Add Fuel package is now available for drivers aged 21 – 75, and despite being part of the new car retailing landscape for five years, Just Add Fuel remains unique to the Lion marque.

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