Peugeot QUARTZ Concept to debut at Paris Motor Show

allcarschannel  Peugeot has announced its latest Crossover Concept for the upcoming Paris Motor Show. The Peugeot QUARTZ Concept is bound to capture the Paris Motor show crowd’s breath. Peugeot has teased us in early September with the EXALT Concept, which is the other concept car set to premiere at the motor show.

The Peugeot Quartz Concept denotes a Crossover SUV by the Lion marque with an aggressive and sporty demeanor. Sleek lines convey a dynamic feel that’s further accentuated by short over-hangs and the dramatic 23-inch wheels sitting inside generously rounded wheel arches. At 4500 mm long and 2060mm wide, the Quartz has an athletic stance on the road that’s further emphasized by its long bonnet and louvres that help improve airflow to the engine.

Beside the dimensions, the Concept Crossover takes on recognizable Lion badge at the center of the front grille, all-round LED lighting system, and a chequered pattern when viewed from multiple angles. A glass roof flows towards the rear wings and incorporates two spoilers to further enhance its aerodynamic design. These are aligned with the Coupe Franche separator between the two finishes: mineral grey at the front, inspired by rock crystal, and matt black for the rear wings, offset by occasional splashes of red.

The Peugeot Quartz concept is based on the 308’s EMP2 platform, with composite structure and bonded panels incorporated to save weight but yet at the same time, to enhance stiffness. The concept has scissor doors and a retractable step; which relates to an automobile from the future. The center console is made of Basalt materials, a strong and light element that cools in a hurry. Interior highlights include digitally woven textile, black leather trimmings all round, door frames with composite materials and red hue grooves, as well as the i-Cockpit. The i-Cockpit keeps everything at the driver’s fingertips. In addition, there’s head-up display on a large, configurable screen with a central 45-degree polycarbonate strip to show additional information, and the HUD is angled towards the driver to ensure easy access to switches. Meanwhile, the instrument panel is on both sides of the small steering. Lastly, each of the four passengers has a bucket seat to optimize interior space.

Powered by a 1.6-liter THP 270 power plant paired to a 6-speed automatic, the concept is capable of delivering 170 hp per liter and up to 330Nm of torque. An electric motor with direct drive for the front axle adds another 85kW and is meant to assist the combustion engine with gear changes. The rear axle also features an 85kW electric motor for propulsion and battery charging. There are three driving modes for the Quartz Concept: ZEV, Road and Race.

The front axle of the Quartz employs bespoke MacPherson struts. On the rear there’s a multi-arm suspension arrangement including the on-board electric motor. The pneumatic suspension automatically adjusts ground clearance between 300 and 350mm. This is controlled by an optical system that uses cameras linked to the satellite navigation to read the road and anticipate changes.

The Peugeot Quartz concept is set for debut at the French marque’s home motor show from 4 October.

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