Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super 1963
Alfa Romeo is set to take part in the fifth installment of the Peking-Paris cross country race; which  started in 1907. The challenging cross country drive covers 14,000 kilometers, and Alfa Romeo has confirmed the Giulias (past and present) for the challenge.

In 2007 Alfa Romeo participated successfully with the Giulietta T.I. and in 2016, two models of the legendary Alfa Romeo Giulia will make the 13,695 km journey: cars whose heritage has now been passed on to the new Giulia, the latest creation to embody “The Mechanics of Emotion”. The two vintage competitors will be a Giulia 1,300 Ti from 1969 and a Giulia Super 1.3 from 1973.

The cars will set off from Beijing on 12 June and arrive in Paris on 17 July, in Place Vendôme, after 36 days of daunting but fascinating challenges. 11 countries will be crossed: China, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and France, but the two most difficult stages for drivers and cars will certainly be those set in the Gobi Desert and Mongolia. Seven Italian teams will participate, five of them on board Alfa Romeo Giulia models: two from the Museum / Scuderia del Portello, and three privately owned. Along the route from China to Europe, Alfa connoisseurs and vintage enthusiasts will have opportunities to encounter the travelling legends in various Alfa Romeo dealerships: many people of many nationalities, all sharing a deep passion for this Made in Milan brand.

In support of the ‘Scuderia del Portello’, the official Alfa Romeo club, Mopar too will be on hand, and its logo will stand out on the vintage racers. The reference brand for services, spare parts, accessories and customer care for all FCA brands will also provide support for the technical assistance service during some of the European stages. The teams will also have a merchandising line available, including personalized clothing with the Mopar logo. Further support to teams will be provided by Gold Sponsor Petronas Lubricants, the technical-commercial partner that develops and makes lubricants and functional fluids for FCA Group vehicles. The logo of Petronas Selenia, the factory-filled and after-market engine oil for all FCA Group vehicles, will be sported on the team’s two Giulias, with refreshed graphics to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its market launch. The Alfa Romeo, Mopar and Selenia logos will appear on the technical suits worn during the raid.

The Paris Motor Village, right on the Champs Elysées, will stage a celebrative event on 18 June, at the end of the motor marathon.

Edited: Alfa Romeo