Detroit SP01 rolls out Last year, we published a first look article on the Detroit Electric SP:01; the world’s lightest and fastest two-seat pure-electric sports car. Faster than even the likes of Tesla.

A year later, Detroit Electric is now churning out the roadgoing SP:01 at its production facility in Leamington Spa. The new SP:01 is destined for one of Detroit Electric’s export markets to be delivered to the EV company’s first customer.

The lightweight SP:01, which goes on sale in Asia and Europe over the coming weeks, combines a carbon fiber body with an aluminium chassis. It has a class-leading power to weight ratio and promises blistering acceleration, reaching 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds (60mph from standstill in just 3.7 seconds) and sprinting to an impressive top speed of 249km/h (155mph). Featuring a 285HP / 210kW electric motor, the car is fitted with a single-speed automatic transmission as standard, with the option of twin-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmissions.

The battery in the SP:01 has been integrated into the chassis as a stressed member, adding stiffness to enhance handling and safety. The battery is the most energy-dense automotive battery pack in the world, offering over 140Wh/kg, benefitting range while keeping overall vehicle weight low.

Every Detroit Electric comes with built-in bi-directional charge and discharge capability. Made possible through the patented Detroit Electric home charging and power back-up unit, named ‘360-Powerback’, the unit turns the vehicle into a power source for both the grid and the home. An advanced Battery Management System (BMS) gathers data about the car’s battery health and on-board telematics communicate it directly to the factory.

The SP:01 comes equipped with an app-based system called ‘SAMI’ (Smartphone Application Managed Infotainment), which utilies Android technology and is fully compatible with Android Auto, providing safe access to a host of apps and internet functionality. When away from the SP:01, owners can use SAMI as a remote control unit via GSM, enabling them to locate the vehicle, turn on the climate control system and check the charge status. When in the car, the SAMI-enabled smartphone is installed in the center console and becomes the interface for a wide range of functions, including music player, satellite navigation, regenerative braking adjustment, interior lighting and vehicle systems status; such as the level of battery charge, range to recharge and other telemetry.

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Detroit SP1 electric

Detroit Electric has established distributors throughout Europe and Asia, with additional countries due to join the growing global network over the coming months.

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