Protect Your Mercedes-Benz With The Star Protect And Star Protection Plus By Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia

Getting a brand new Mercedes-Benz can sometime make new buyers a little wary about having the right insurance to protect their new pride and joy. With this, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) through its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM) has came up with the Mercedes-Benz Protection insurance solution plans for owners. 

MBSM currently offers Star Protect and Star Protection Plus insurance and takaful plans to provide owners with top-quality insurance and greater peace of mind. The solutions are a first-of-its-kind in the premium motor insurance and takaful category, and amongst other things, offer a temporary Mercedes-Benz replacement vehicle benefit for up to 20-days per period of insurance if the insured car is in an authorized Mercedes-Benz workshop for accident repair. In addition, the services include a nationwide limitless towing distance, reimbursement of car key replacement costs, and an all driver cover which does not require a prior driver name submission to the insurer.

MBSM Managing Director Mike Ponnaz remarked, “Through our customer-centric approach, not only have we widened our insurance partner base, we deep dived into our current offerings in order to develop a more comprehensive motor insurance coverage for owners”.

“Our aim is to increase the number of insured and satisfied customers under Mercedes-Benz Protection by offering products which provide owners with greater peace of mind”, he added. 

Star Protect and Star Protection Plus packages

As an improvement to current insurance packages, the MBSM Star Protect and Star Protection Plus not only cover basic loss or damage, but offer additional protection.

Two new features in the Star Protect and Star Protection Plus cover all drivers (owner and anyone who drives the similar car) comprehensively, be it an individually-owned or company-owned. Furthermore, subscribers of the Star Protect Plus get four (4) tyres and four (4) wheels replacement, in the event of an accident or mishap.

Apart from the coverage, towing service is upgraded to unlimited towing distance and a one-way toll charge of up to RM30 is paid for, in the event of an accident. And that’s not all, there’s even flood towing for up to six occurrences, 24-hour minor roadside repairs and value-added benefits like booking an accommodation, taxi ride and interstate towing. towing services. All value-added services are not covered by the new plans and are paid by customers, if required.

The packages also offer owners car key replacement, compensation for loss of possessions as a result of window snatch theft, flood relief allowance for damage due to flood, and personal accident coverage for the driver and up to four (4) passengers. If the car is in an authorized Mercedes-Benz workshop for accident repair, a Mercedes-Benz replacement car for up to 20 days per period of insurance is prepared for the customer*.

The Star Protect and Star Protect Plus are already available starting March at all Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

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