Proton embarks on A New Journey

New Corporate Identity and three Resounding key pillars

National carmakers Proton has embarked on its New Journey at today’s Corporate Announcement. Since the Geely partnership, the National carmaker has been on a mission and it culminates to Proton’s rise to the number two spot in the country’s sales TIV (Total Industry Volume). The statistics speak for itself: 38 percent market growth, only manufacturer with double digit growth this year, over 100 3S/4S dealerships. and five new models unveiled in a span of 8 months.

Today, Proton introduces a new Corporate Identity, along with three key pillars or as they called it core values: innovative technology, reliability and international.

The first pillar is innovative technology. This relates to equipping Proton models with the best automotive technology or technologies. Among the prominent technologies in current line-up are the voice command “Hi Proton” feature, smart connectivity, as well as the Proton Saga being the first car under RM 40,000 in this country to offer standard EBD and ABS safety equipment.

Reliability is something all car companies promise their customers, but it’s easier said than done. Proton is hoping to be  a change in the industry by improving on every aspect of the business such as; ensuring quality products, providing top after-sales, training staff and dealerships, and even adopting global standards and best practices, As before, Proton intends to be a global brand, beginning with the South Asian region and greater Asia.

Proton’s New Corporate Identity

With the three key pillars in mind, Proton has derived a new C.I. or emblem for its products. The Tiger head logo is now updated to a more stylized representation, rendered in silver, with a Bold finish. Featuring a new ‘uncaged’ design, the emblem features the tiger’s head held high, symbolizing Proton like an arrow-head, moving forward. A new tagline now reads ‘Inspiring Connections’ to support its corporate mission.

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