One of Protnn’s best-selling model, the Persona, has reached Brunei, according to the latest press statement. The Proton Perdana and Peoton Saga 1.3l, unveiled in the heart of the capital city, are the two latest Protons to be made available in Brunei.

Officially launched in the country in August and September last year, both models are now shipped to Malaysia’s neighboring country for the first time. Brunei consumers become the first to experience these value-for-money Malaysian-made cars. The new Persona and Saga are well-equipped with advanced safety features to complement Proton’s signature ride and handling.

Prior to the inception of the Persona and Saga, Proton unveiled its Proton Iriz for the Brunei market in October last year. “We are pleased that the Persona and Saga, which are very well received in the country, have generated the interest of the consumers in Brunei. The all-new Persona has evolved significantly in terms of the features, advanced technology, design and built including a more refined ride and handling as well as reduced noise vibration and harshness (NVH). For its class, it is really a pleasure to drive the all-new Person.” Proton’s CEO Ahmad Fuaad Kenali said. “Both the Persona and Saga are well designed cars which are good value for money affordable, safe and with practical features. These cars are equipped with excellent active and passive safety features and are rated 5-star and 4-star ASEAN NCAP rating for the Persona and Saga respectively.”

In Brunei, the new Persona comes in the Executive CVT variant with 1.6l while the new Saga comes in 2 variants, both with 1.3l, the Executive CVT and Premium CVT. Both variants come in an array of 6 exciting colors to choose from.

The new Persona and Saga had received rather acceptable recognition from the automotive industry in the country. Among the recognition received were Editor‟s Choice Awards 2016 for the Proton Persona Premium CVT and “Best Compact Car” 2016 by the ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix for the Proton Saga. Lastly, the Saga got the “Rising Star Recognition‟ honors. Both models were named the Malaysia Car of the Year for 2016, including “Most Improved Fuel Efficiency‟ and “Value-For-Money” honors.

The new Persona and Saga are now available for test drive and bookings at all dealerships in Brunei. Proton Brunei falls under the stewardship of PAD Motors Sdn Bhd. PAD Motors has a new showroom in Bandar Seri Begawan located at Unit 1-4, Complex Beribi, Spg. 607-17, Jalan Gadong BE1118, Brunei.