Proton Search Contest Grand Prize Winner walks home with brand new Saga

Following the release of the new-generation Proton Saga, the National carmakers promptly initiated a Proton Seatch Contest; a contest to bring up the best-kept tale of the Saga of previous generations. After a 13-week long contest period, a certain 85-year old Mohd Isa Ibrahim Shah was declared the Grand Prize winner of the Proton Search contest. The Grand Prize winner took home a spanking Proton Saga to replace his classic, first-generation 1985 Saga, thanks to its heart riveting tale of his age-old Saga.

The Proton Search contest which ran from 8 March to 8 June received as many as 866 entries from Proton owners of all races nationwide. The contest was opened to Proton owners, who owned a Proton produced between 1985 to 2012. The entries included Protons from the first-generation Saga through the Exora MPV. The purpose of the contest was to seek out the longest owned, best-kept Proton car of previous decades. The other objective of the contest was to enable the owners to share heart warming stories about their Protons in essay or video formats. The contest was also a part of Proton’s “New Proton‟ marketing campaign, unveiled in February to observe the tagline of the ‘Customers First’.

Proton’s Chief Radzaif Mohamed said, “We were very encouraged by the overwhelming submissions from our loyal customers and supporters. It is also heartening to see that the number of 1985 Saga which are still plying our roads clearly show that our cars are very reliable and have played a significant role in enriching the lives of these owners with their various recollection of their most precious moments with the cars.”

The Contest brought many of the oldest single owners of Proton cars to share their wonderful stories which many Malaysians, I believe, are able to relate and connect with. This certainly resonates with our objective of producing affordable cars with the best value and quality for our customers,” he added.

New Proton Saga variants New Proton Saga profile New Proton Saga rear

In his riveting tale, Mohd Isa’s ’85 Proton Saga is as reliable as the day it was received. The car not only served the family over the years, but assisted him in fulfilling charitable works for indigenous folks, till today. Apart from the grand prize winner, there were 10 other consolation prize winners: Abdul Razak Ahmad, Azizah Junid, Ishrat Banu Hassan, Mohd Jamil Chew Abdullah, Mustapa Kassim and Wong Sok Kim @ Wong Sok Kum, Govindarajoo Periasamy, Mohd Tajuddin Idris, Samian Sawiyo and Thangaras Doraisamy. All winners had the opportunity to visit Proton’s manufacturing plant at the COE (Center of Excellence) Hub and Proton’s Research and Development facilities, including the Design Studio and test labs. The winners thereafter had joyride sessions in several Proton models on the specially-designed test track.

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