Recall for Toyota/Lexus cars on fuel pump replacement

UMW Toyota Motor (Toyota Malaysia) has initiated a recall on a number of Toyota and Lexus models, in a latest service campaign. This global initiative was started by Toyota Motor Corporation as they are recalling some 12,000 units of Toyota (Alphard, Camry, Corolla, Innova and Fortuner) and 1,500 units of Lexus models (GS300, GS350, IS300, LC500/500H, LS460, LS500/500H, LS600H, NX200T/300H, RC350/300H, RX350/450H and RX350/450) manufactured from 2013 to 2019. In Malaysia, Toyota Malaysia follows this initiative to ensure owners of the above models are well aware of the Importance of this campaign to update a faulty fuel pump.

Toyota Malaysia has ordered service centers nationwide to prepare for this recall campaign and sent official notifications to affected customers about it.  The Toyota models recalled are best sellers in their respective categories, therefore Toyota expects a rather high volume during the duration of this recall program. For Lexus models, the volume is way lesser in Malaysia but Lexus service centers are tasked to provide discerning owners a pleasurable experience.

The recall campaign involves a fuel pump which can malfunction and cease working. If the fuel pump fails, warning lights and messages will come on on the instrument panel, and the engine will fail and won’t function properly due to loss of power or power hesitation. When the car’s engine doesn’t have the necessary power to function, the car could stall or couldn’t start. This scenario could increase the risk of a crash while driving at higher speed.

At press time, Toyota Malaysia has informed the media about the situation and that they have notified the affected car’ owners. They have stated that the notification informs the owners to update the fuel pump unit as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary risks. The fuel pump replacement is completely free-of-charge. Due to a high demand and sheer volume of Toyota cars in Malaysia, owners are advised to be patience and follow the program as per allocated appointment times. Toyota has assured that the replacement work is done as swiftly as possible. Meantime, owners should be informed that the replacement work is very much depended on the respective car model/s.

Do you drive or own one of the Toyota or Lexus models above? If yes, you should have received an official note from Toyota or Lexus about this recall. If you haven’t, please visit your nearest Toyota Service Center or call the Toyota toll-free at 1800-8-TOYOTA (869682). For Lexus cars, contact Lexus Mutiara Damansara at 03 7710 5655 or 03 7710 8184.

Izzat Shaharel
Being an adrenaline junkie, Izzat has always had a passion for cars. From a compact to a supercar, he doesn't discriminate and judges based on merits. Being in the automotive industry for the past few years, he's an aspiring automotive journalist and has been making Youtube videos since May 2019.

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