Renault Megane in white shade Renault grabbed several recognitions from top globe Automotive publications where as many as seven Renaults variants were picked amongst the top 3 in their respective categories for reliability.

Among the top 100 cars of the world consisting 100 variants from 25 brands, Automobile Mag rated the Renault models as the most reliable of them all.

These excellent results stem from the work Renault has carried out in recent years to produce vehicles with the highest levels of robustness and reliability as standard. The Automobile magazine classification recognizes not just the performance results of specific models, but a general and sustained improvement in terms of quality and reliability across the whole Renault range. The publishers selected the Renault Twingo and Megane for “exceptional” level of reliability. Moreover, the Megane and Megane Coupé were joint first in that category. On the local front, TC Eurocars recently introduced the Renault Megane RS 265 in its Cup and Red Bull Racing editions. Limited to only less than 10 units in the country, the RS 265 has been quickly snapped by domestic Renault FF performance car enthusiast.

Last May, the ADAC’s benchmark Pannenstatistik report had already ranked the Twingo and Mégane as excellent among vehicles from the past four years.

In addition, the Renault Scenic, Grand Scenic, Laguna and Laguna Coupé all took 2nd place in their respective categories. The Clio III was one of the first products of the renewed focus on quality that began in 2005, and it also gets a Top 3 rating.

Reliability has become an asset for Renault, and all models are now rising to the top of the quality ratings in independent studies, customer surveys and press reviews in a number of countries. This is the direct result of the quality operation that Renault has carried out in recent years. It has been implemented across the board, in every factory and every territory. Renault production sites worldwide are now working to the same standards. Strict application of the Renault Production System (SPR) enables quality requirements to be implemented in mass production and across a range of variants.

Renault has succeeded in making permanent improvements. And as a gauge of reliability, robustness in design and manufacturing are now at the core of every vehicle. Renault is already striving to make these intrinsic qualities visible and effective for customers.

Edited: Renault