Renault KWID Concept debuts in India

The Renault KWID Concept, the first concept vehicle unveiled outside of Europe, has made its appearance at the Delhi Auto Show. The KWID Concept is designed by Renault Design India and obviously geared for the huge Indian market. In a nutshell, Renault wishes to address the KWID concept as a robust yet fun vehicle to meet the needs of young customers in India and relevant new markets. (click to enlarge)

Exterior-wise, the Renault KWID concept is presented in a rather forward-looking curvature, along with its technology-driven features. The compact 5-seater concept’s design meets the forward-looking motif with both its dynamic styling and playfulness. The playfulness of the vehicle’s exterior design is offset by a robust appearance due to its protective guards and chunky wings, as well as short overhangs and oversized wheels that protrude past the fenders to resemble a buggy. The KWID concept‘s two-tone body coloring consists of satin grey for the body and textured grey for functional parts as well as golden yellow for contrasting roof and air intake, plus sports yellow inserts on wheels, lower doors and perforated parts.

KWID Concept: Combining functionality, practicality and Buggy style

The interior of the KWID Concept is designed to serve as a snug cocoon and is inspired by a bird’s nest. The vehicle’s seats, suspended over a solid base in white, give an impression of lightness, while their 2-tone elastomer material provides a sense of brightness. The compact concept also features rear air conditioning with controls on the driver seat’s back as well as ventilation through concentric perforations. Meanwhile, the multimedia dashboard with ‘Flying Companion’ consists an integrated tablet for navigational purposes, snapshots of the landscape, scouting traffic, detecting obstacles and connection to multiple devices. Lightweight interior schematics is applied into the KWID concept to suit the usual warm weather conditions of India. Due to an unusual seating arrangement, the concept holds three passengers up front and the driver seat in the middle, in a slightly forward position to offer shoulder room, as well as two seats at the back. The central driving position afforded by this arrangement meets international driving demands, enabling the car to driven in both right hand and left hand drive markets.

Renault KWID Concept: A high-tech preposition

Beyond the playful, imaginative styling and a host of technology-driven features of the KWID conceot, the concept buggy is all about safety first thanks to the Flying Companion. Taking off from the rotating rear portion of the KWID concept’s roof, the Flying Companion can be operated in one of two modes; the automatic mode using a pre-programmed flying sequence and GPS location as well as the manual mode, which enables the companion to be controlled using the vertically-mounted touchscreen tablet. Other technology-rich features include electric operated front bench seat on a center rail, electric opening doors, LED lighting and replacement of the gearshift (with touch switches next to the steering).

In the engine department, the Z.E. ready KWID concept is equipped with a 1.2-liter petrol turbocharged engine mated to dual-clutch transmission EDC.

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