Renault Megane R.S. 280 Cup breaks lap record at Sepang

Renault Malaysia recently held a track day to test the recently-unveiled Megane R,S, 280 Cup, since its local debut a couple of months ago. The venue as always the former F1 track Sepang Circuit.  The company invited thirty Megane RS owners to partake and pit the Megane RS 280 Cup on a timed run of the track. The owners brought out their Megane R.S., Clio R.S. and limited-edition Megane R.S. 275 Trophy R to the track.

The owners witnessed the run, which took place before the parade session. Obviously, the 280 Cup should better the previous single lap runs by the last generation Megane RS.  All eyes were set on the 280 Cup driven by a selected pro driver. The 280 Cup did several test runs before prepping up for the lap record, previously set by the Megane RS 265. The Megane RS 280 Cup, decked in 19-inch wheels with Yokohama AD08R 245/35 tyres, set off to tackle the fifteen corners of the track with gusto. Yokohama’s are official tyre sponsors for this Renault track day. Renault picked the Yoko AD08Rs as they provided more grip for an outstanding performance. Technology-wise, the AD09Rs has Rapid reflex twin ribs for greater stability during high-speed driving and Steel sidewall inserts that guarantee control and fast cornering.

As the latest and most powerful rendition of the Megane RS line, the 280 Cup is fitted with 4Control four-wheel steering system, a world’s first. The 4Control ensures cornering efficiency and provides rallying-inspired hydraulic compression stops to all shock absorbers. Powered by a 1.8-liter turbo engine, it pushes 280PS and achieves a peak torque of 390Nm. Add the Torsion mechanical and LSD (limited-slip differential), the sports car has the rigidity and agility to tacke any kerb or corner. This EDC-equipped 280 Cup has better driving dynamics, thanks to standard Multi-Change Down and Launch Control in Sport and Race modes. The launch control is activated by a switch on the left-hand shift paddle. EDC stands for Efficient dual clutch, while the manual six-speed is also available on the 280 Cup.

On looks, the 280 Cup is now a five-door as opposed to the three-door from the previous edition. For body colors, the 280 Cup comes with the famous Liquid Yellow, and for the first time another signature color, the Orange Tonic.

With all the improvements, the 280 Cup had no issues with the track and smashed the lap record with a lap time of 2:38, which was 3 seconds better than the previous record by the RS 265.

After the spectacle, it was time for the owners to have some fun with their own Meganes and Renaults. Before they embarked on track day, they were safety briefed. Participants  were not racing against each other, but their own records to try and set better lap times. Obviously, the Megane RS were way faster than the Clio RS. At the same time, taxi rides on the Megane R.S. 280 Cup were available for attendees.

The Renault Megane RS 280 Cup with 6-speed manual retails at RM 279,888 and the EDC-equipped version retails at RM299,888,

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