Rohime Shafie takes over as CEO at Proton Edar

Rohime Shafie new CEO of Proton Edar We’re still on the Proton subject since the resignation of the Chairman on Wednesday, the National Carmakers in a latest buzz have named a new Chief Executive Officer at Proton Edar, Rohime Shafie, as a replacement for Norzahid Mohd. Zahudi. Norzahid had resigned after being at the helm of Proton Edar in less than a year.

Shafie is no stranger in the automotive industry, the DRB-Hicom bigwig had previously held the COO (Chief Operating Officer) post at Honda Malaysia. After leaving Honda Malaysia, he transferred back to DRB-Hicom where he served as Chief Financial Officer of Proton Holdings for a time, since DRB-Hicom’s takeover. In the latest transition, Shafie, who has a vast financial background, has been called up to helm the Sales and Marketing arm of the National carmakers, Proton Edar.

With Shafie at the helm, Proton Edar has its 12th CEO since its inception in 1985. The previous CEOs were; Dato Rashid Rahim , Abbas Mehad, Stanley Tan (Acting CEO), Dato’ Maruan Said, Ahmad Tifli Talha, Dato’ Maruan Said (Re-appointed), Mohamad Shukor Ibrahim, Ahmad Suhaimi, Dato’ Hisham Othman, Azmi Idris, and Norzahid.

A week ago shared Proton’s appointment of Ahmad Fuaad Mohd, who takes over from Abdul Harith Abdullah, as the new Managing Director. Since DRB-Hicom’s acquisition of Proton in 2012, there has been four Managing Directors at Proton to date, including the latest incumbent. Previously, there were Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir and Lukman Ibrahim. Meantime, former Proton’s M.D. Abdul Harith is transferred back to parent company DRB-Hicom as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of automotive distribution and defence division.

Proton’s new Managing Director Ahmad Fuaad has been the COO of Finance & Corporate at DRB-Hicom from 12 August, last year. The new incumbent now takes on the huge role to lead Malaysia’s Automakers to greater heights. Fuaad is currently a member of the Management Board at DRB-Hicom.

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