The New Rolls-Royce Ghost Zenith Collector’s Edition is an extremely limited model to honor the Ghost’s tenth year tenure. Only 50 units of the Ghost Zeniths are made available and it features the highest levels of Bespoke ever seen on a Ghost Collection car.  Previously, Rolls-Royce had unveiled a similar limited edition, in the form of  the Phantom VII Zenith.  

The Rolls-Royce Ghost heritage

Ghost is a luxury icon that carries with it a rich and extraordinary past. From the Silver Ghost, the motor car that established the moniker of ‘The Best Car in the World’ over 100 years ago, to 200EX, the experimental car that introduced the concept of a contemporary expression of this nameplate at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009, Ghost has offered patrons of the marque a modern, lithe and driver-focused Rolls-Royce.

When production of Ghost began in 2009, it became a worldwide hit and the model quickly shot to fame as the most successful Rolls-Royce motor car ever built. The Ghost  attracted a new group of young entrepreneurs to the marque. Indeed, the reduction in average age of a Rolls-Royce customer to around 43 is in part testament to Ghost’s global success.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Zenith

The exterior of the Ghost Zenith takes on a new interpretation of its own, a special two-tone application with a gloss-contrast paint finish. There are three different colorways to choose from: Iguazu Blue with Andalusian White, Premiere Silver with Arctic White and  Bohemian Red with Black Diamond.

Introduced as the 200EX Concept, the new Ghost Zenith takes up a commemorative ingot, made from the original 200EX Spirit of Ecstasy, melted down and set in to the center console of each of the 50 Zeniths. Engraved with the three key design lines of Ghost, the plaque details its significant origins. The Collection’s own Spirit of Ecstasy and clock are engraved with the name of this highly anticipated collection. The interior has  illuminated door pockets with ambient light emitting through perforated leather to enhance the architectural elegance of Ghost’s interior. Other interior refinements include wood, technical fiber or piano finished veneer and door marquetry transitions from the driver’s suite to passenger suite.

To heighten the bespoke value, the rear seats feature embroidery that takes its inspiration from the seat details of the original 1907 Silver Ghost. This embroidery elegantly transitions from the rear to the front of the cabin, and in the case of the Extended Wheelbase Zenith, the headliner thrusts purposefully forward into the poised silhouette of the Spirit of Ecstasy. The seats themselves are accentuated in a contrasting leather, accenting Ghost as the ultimate four seat limousine.

Occupants of the Ghost Zenith Standard Wheelbase will experience an extraordinary phenomenon. The famed starlight headliner is presented in a unique Shooting Star configuration. Shooting stars fire at random across the cabin roof, adding an extraordinary sense of theater. This surprise and delight feature consists of over 1,340 individually mapped and hand-woven fiber optic lights.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost Zenith is currently in production and bookings are accepted at selected Rolls-Royce dealerships.