Shell Advance limited edition motorcycle Asian television viewers can expect the exciting ‘Freedom Riders Asia’ program in May this year. This one-of-a-kind program pits a man and motorcycle on the move and is brought to you by Shell Advance, the world’s leading lubricants brand, and the STAR Sports channel.

More recently, Shell Lubricants division completed the Shell Advance Enjoy My Ride contest where five lucky winners rode away with the Special-edition Shell Advance Kriss motorcycles.

The Freedom Riders Asia, hosted by Charley Boorman, will take the audience on roadtrips to six countries across Asia. There will be six episodes in all. With the innovative program concept of having one man, on one bike with one tank of petrol, Freedom Riders Asia will see Boorman pair up with local bikers from each country and embark on a journey to explore the colorful cultures of East Asian countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Vietnam and Thailand.

Over the course of each episode, Boorman will engage with the local biking communities and experience the delights of the city and its people, as well as partake in unique activities that celebrate the distinctive motorcycle cultures of each country…..all on one tank of petrol. “Bikes have always been my passion, and I’ve always loved Asia and its diversity. What’s fantastic about Freedom Riders Asia is that the program is enabling these passions to collide and I’m really looking forward to embarking on the bike trip of a lifetime,” Boorman beamed.

He added, “I’m going to be meeting great local biker groups who will teach me a thing or two about riding in their part of the world and I cannot to wait to get over to Asia to feel the sun on my face, and feeling of freedom on the back of a motorbike!”

Shell Lubricants Brand and Communications Manager Yu Li-Ching explained about Shell Advance’s involvement in the Freedom Riders Asia program, “Freedom Riders Asia is all about celebrating and connecting bikers around Asia, while offering an entertaining travel and adventure experience to a wider audience. Importantly, through Charley (Boorman), it is also a further expression of what Shell Advance stands for – enabling bikers to enjoy every ride and experience freedom through effortless mobility on the road.”

Aside from the main STAR Sports slot, the Freedom Riders Asia will get promo. teasers on FIC Asia’s family of channels like FOX, National Geographic and FX.

Shell Advance motorcycle oil is part of Shell’s portfolio of lubricant brands comprising Pennzoil, Quaker State, Shell Rotella T, Shell Helix, Shell Rimula, Shell Tellus, Monarch, and Jiffy Lube. Shell has been one of the world leaders in motor oil research for nearly 100 years, always at the sharp end of motorsport. Shell’s technical partnership with Ducati has been instrumental in the development of Shell Advance, the only motor oil recommended by the Ducati MotoGP Team.

In addition, Shell has been recently named the No.1 global lubricants supplier for the sixth consecutive year in an annual research study carried out by Kline & Company (“Kline”).

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