Shell Freedom Riders Asia_3 Shell Lubricants yesterday presented the first of six episodes of the Freedom Riders Asia program, an Adventure Travel series conceived by FOX in collaboration with the Shell Advance Motorcycle Oil. The public gets to see the first episode on STAR Sports when it’s shown on 19 May, Sunday at 9 p.m.

Hardcore Motorcycle enthusiast Charles ‘Charley’ Boorman is the host of the Freedom Riders Asia who traveled to major South Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines to investigate local motorcycle enthusiasts’ cultures and assimilate to each country’s bikers’ lifestyles. “What I loved most about the Freedom Riders Asia experience was the opportunity to meet locals with larger-than-life characters and ride with passionate bikers in a completely different part of the world,” Boorman beamed.

Shell Freedom Riders Asia_2

In the first episode, viewers will get to see Boorman pick up a new job as a bread vendor on two wheels. Additionally, Boorman gets himself worked out on a motocross circuit and challenges a woman rider at the Sepang International circuit. During the first episode viewing, courtesy of Shell Lubricants, Boorman did the impossible, almost unbelievable ride on a Ducati Multistrada which was filled up only once, from the Kuala Kangsar vicinity of the northern State to Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital city.

Shell Freedom Riders Asia

For later episodes, the audience will see Boorman doing his assimilating antics on a bike and off. From picking tea leaves on the hillside plantations of India, to surfing the legendary waves of Bali’s black sand beaches, Boorman meets local biking communities and domestic personalities along the way who show him the delights of each city and the biking life. “This is indeed a bike trip of a lifetime that I will always remember. The first episode is as exciting as the next, and I hope that the audience in Asia will stay close and enjoy the series as they experience Asia with me!” Boorman testified.

Kar-Tai Koh, Shell Advance Global Brand Manager, expressed, “After six months of hard work and a truly collaborative effort, I am extremely proud of the outcome of Freedom Riders Asia.”

“This is part of Shell Advance’s efforts to empower bikers to experience more freedom on the road in their day-to-day lives and enjoy every ride. I would like to thank FOX for this great working opportunity, our featured local guests as well as all relevant parties involved in making this show possible,” he added.

To catch the Freedom Riders Asia program, tune in to STAR Sports on 19 May at 9pm for Episode 1, 25 May at 9.30pm for Ep.2, 2 June at 9p Ep.3, 9 June at 8p Ep.4, 16 June at 9p Ep.5 and 23 June at 9p for the finale. Watch Shell Advance’s YouTube channel at for exclusive contents, behind-the-scene clips and missed episodes.