Shell introduces retrail concept at statons: Nick Tiernan, Azman Ismail and Yau Su Peng Shell Malaysia today unveiled a brand new retail concept at a Shell Select store, which is designed to be a food oasis for motorists, as well as announced its plans to upgrade over 100 Shell Select stores to a premium store format, this year.

Exclusively available at top-of-the-range Shell stations, this new retail concept aims to provide customers even more varied food options in a clean, vibrant and friendly atmosphere. The launch of the first model of this retail concept brings together popular snack and beverage franchises, under Berjaya Corp. stewardship, like Krispy Kreme and Boost Juice to SH Shell Damansara Jaya, complementing the freshly baked pastries and coffee on-the-go already available from deli2go.

Although SH Shell Damansara Jaya is the first station of its kind to receive this new upgrade, Shell intends to roll out the new retail concept to 30 more stations over the year. Each Shell Select will be individually customized with different food offerings to meet the needs of consumers, as Shell partners with a diverse range of local and international food & beverage retailers to bring together popular franchises that will complement its deli2go offerings.

Besides the 30 Shell Select stores that will feature the new retail concept, the retailer has also announced its plans to refurbish an additional 100 existing Shell Select stores to a new shop format. Boasting a modern revamped look, these enhanced Shell Select stores will feature improved facilities such as seating lounges, complimentary Wi-Fi and charge stations, which complement other features including upgraded restrooms and prayer rooms)available at top-of-the-range Shell stations.

In commemoration of the launch, customers will be able to enjoy a host of special deals at SH Shell Damansara Jaya from now until 29 February. For donut lovers, there is a “Buy 1, Free 1” offer at Krispy Kreme, while Boost Juice is also offering a special deal for customers to enjoy a second beverage at half price.

Customers can also buy two seasonal pastries including the butter gipfel, chicken sausage doughnut, and honey barbecue sausage roll from deli2go at only RM6.90. For a limited time only, hot or iced freshly brewed latte from deli2go is also available at RM3.90. There is also a free fuel voucher for every lubricants purchase from Shell Select.

Edited: Shell Malaysia