2016 Shell Reach Safe campaign_2 Shell Malaysia most recently announced the Shell Reach Safe (Shell Selamat Sampai) campaign, a comprehensive road safety movement to drive road safety awareness and behavioral change among motorcyclists and youth.

The event was officiated by Dato’ Seri Saripuddin Kasim, Secretary General of Transport Ministry, representing the Transport Minister, who spoke about his interest in Shell’s initiatives to help the Government advocate for road safety for more than half a century. Alongside Saripuddin during the official revelation were MIROS Chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye and Shell Malaysia’s Managing Director Dato’ Azman Ismail.

Shell Reach Safe is designed to create a culture that reinforces good road safety behaviors for youth and motorcyclists in participating communities. According to Azman Ismail, “Safety is part of our DNA and road transportation is integral to our business – our contractor drivers travel about 50 million kilometers annually in Malaysia alone; the equivalent of going around the world four times every day! These two factors combined have placed Shell in a unique position where it is both our privilege and responsibility to positively impact road safety.”

The program is designed to drive road safety behavior by reaching youth and motorcyclists holistically across three strategic environments: secondary schools, universities, and the community. In secondary schools, the program will build knowledge and provide practical training on road safety as an official extracurricular program of the school. The program will deliver a comprehensive and fun learning module developed in collaboration with the Malaysian Road Safety Department. Shell will also provide funding for selected students who successfully complete these modules to obtain legal motorcycle licenses. Moving up to colleges and universities, the program will deliver “road safety bootcamps” on campus, which will include opportunities for students to learn defensive driving techniques and have their motorcycles inspected by the Road Transport Department of Malaysia.

In addition, the program will also work with local communities where the schools, colleges and universities are located to create Shell Safety Zones, so students can arrive and return home safely. Through its network of over 950 retail fuel stations nationwide, Shell will also partner with resident associations and local authorities to host Road Safety Carnivals; community-based events to encourage and celebrate positive road safety behaviors. To drive on further, Shell Reach Safe will also work with the schools, colleges, universities and communities to develop relevant road safety policies and improve infrastructure, such as by upgrading roads and refurbishing road safety signage.

For a start, the program will be piloted at two secondary schools, Subang and Subang Bestari; as well as UiTM Selangor Puncak Alam and the Kg. Melayu Subang community, reaching approximately 40,000 people. The program will also be launched in Sarawak and Sabah later this year.

2016 Shell Reach Safe campaign

Shell Reach Safe partners include the Ministry of Education; Road Safety Department, Road Transport Department, Royal Malaysian Police, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research, Public Works Department, residents associations, local councils and district offices of participating communities, as well as participating secondary schools, colleges and universities. The current program is a follow up to the previous Shell Traffic Games, which provided road safety awareness to more than a million students during its 58-year run.