Subaru XV fitted with cooperative driving assistance system for ITS World Congress Subaru goes big time into intelligent transport and driving assistance systems at the ITS (Intelligent Transport System) World Congress in Tokyo which started yesterday. This international event that runs till 18 October consists of sessions and exhibitions which focus on the ITS.

It is in Subaru’s interests to eliminate the possibility of any and all automobile accidents in the not-too-distant future. The Auto company views automated driving as a safeness technology that is effective in preventing undesirable vehicular mishaps. Here at the ITS,  the participating exhibitors hope to address the showcase’s three new domains: energy management, personalized mobility services navigated by big data, and resilient transport systems. The first two stem from the emergence of electrified vehicles and continuously advancing ICT technologies, and the third concept of resilient transport has become important especially in populous cities around the globe.

Subaru XV at 2013 ITS World Congress

A Subaru XV is displayed at ITS and loaded with new “cooperative driving assistance system” such as the ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle) with communication, CACC (Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control) and the Eyesight. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC) incorporating ITS Spot service (DSRC) and vehicle-to-vehicle communication system can maintain optimal distance between vehicles by allowing responsive and smooth acceleration/deceleration.

On the other hand, the Eyesight which utilizes recognition through a stereo camera assists to avoid a collision. And thanks to Lane Keeping Assist, enhanced Pre-collision Braking Control, improved ACC, Brake Lights Recognition, Pre-collision Reverse Throttle Management and Hazard Avoidance Assist; the Subaru vehicle instilled with the Eyesight can pretty much avoid any mishaps at recommended speeds. The recent development of the “EyeSight” is nothing other than proof of advancement towards an accident-free society.

With its cooperative automated driving technology, Subaru demonstrates how accidents can be prevented even in low visibility situations by acknowledging traffic and pedestrian movements with vehicle-to-vehicle and pedestrian-to-vehicle communication systems.

A list of assistance features fitted in the Subaru XV for ITS exhibition include; Right- and Left-hand turn collision prevention assistance system, Pedestrian information notification system, Broadside collision prevention assistance system, Construction vehicle information notification and Emergency vehicle information notification.

Edited: Subaru