20100209034152564 Given Nissan’s perennial recognition in Motorsports, the Sylphy tuned by Impul edition was inevitable. When Nissan updated its the Sylphy in mid-2009, the basis for the Sylphy tuned by Impul included the four-door version and a host of complete Impul tune-ups.

The Sylphy tuned by Impul invites a few glances on road as it is inherited from professional racing knowledge and some of the leading technological aspects in motorsports. The side windows look unchanged from the sedan, while the overall exterior looks just boldly enhanced thanks to its aerokit, along with the distinguishing SX-10 17″ wheels, stainless steel exhaust muffler and sports suspension.

Looks aside, any sport driving enthusiast will find much to love about the car’s running gear, with the XTRONIC CVT (continous variable transmission) and the 2-liter four-cylinder in-line DOHC engine topped by a CVTC (continously variable-valve timing control), balance shaft and drive-by-wire technology. The combination is big enough to give it 133 ps and 191 Nm of torque. Not much, but sufficient…

From a standing start, the car makes an initially weak effort at full throttle, edging forward for half a second or more until the turbo spools up, giving the car a mid-launch pulse of acceleration that can take you by surprise if you aren’t ready for it.

But drag-racing aside, the transmission’s automatic sport setting takes acceleration lag out of the equation by keeping engine speed up around 3,000 rpm. With the car in this mode, drop your speed before a corner and the transmission downshifts quickly, letting you hit the gas and get full thrust ahead.

The Sylphy Impul benefits from its combination of the standard 17″ Impul Aura SX-10 alloy wheels and Dunlop Formula D 01 tyres whether in the corners or on a speed drive. We appreciated the grip afforded on damp roads, as the car began to slide a little in a turn, but got right back in line with a little pressure on the gas pedal.

Although the overall drive and suspension are two stand-out performance features on the Sylphy tuned by Impul, the car is let down by its interior refinement and appeal. Although the S-shaped dashboard, clamshell seats, fine wood grain finish and metallic titanium lining add some ordinance to the interior, but comparing it to their rival models from similar class, Nissan ought to look into more interior advancement and Intriguing factors.

And while the suspension uses McPherson struts at the front and torsion beams for the rear, one thing which helps the car maintain composure when the laws of physics tell it to go tumbling off the road is the ripple control shock absorber with pre-loaded valve.

Included in the package are; the Auto-On headlights with manuall aiming control, complex surface reflector, fog lamps, high mount stop lamp and speed sensitive intermittent wiper. All for Nissan’s proclaimed safety shield, a term to depict a car that helps protect people.

As for tech treat, the Sylphy tuned by Impul has a mediocre 6-speaker audio system with sporting tweeters, and front-door and rear-door speakers for extra audio auditory experience. It isn’t the most refined audio experience, and it doesn’t sound like much with the volume low–you need to crank it up to really experience this audio system. The bass is sharp and visceral, making vocal and bass-oriented tracks stand out.

The Sylphy tuned by Impul includes some impressive driving experience and exterior appeal, but it is a mixed bag of tricks, with some features ranging into the mediocre. However, for a souped-up model like the Sylphy tuned by Impul with a price tag of 125,749.60 on the road, you are getting a bargain for your money with little fret about the package and a desired sporty sedan. Its overall drive incorporated with advanced suspension system and above average transmission are also good reasons to get the Sylphy tuned by Impul. Most important of all, this car has a very very proficient fuel economy.

As for design, the interior styling is slightly negative, but it does offer the functionality of a sporty sedan. Likewise, the interface design for cabin looks a little rough but remains functional.