TDI-Tuning exhibits performance enhancing Boxes at Bangkok Motor Show

TDI-Tuning at Bangkok Motor Show TDI-Tuning, a British Tuning Specialist, is currently partaking in its second Asian exhibition at the ongoing Bangkok International Motor Show. For the Bangkok show, TDI-Tuning has joined forces with its Thai dealer SKB Top Tuning to showcase the latest tuning boxes.

TDI-Tuning and its dealer fitted one of their tuning boxes to a brand new Mitsubishi Pajero at its booth to demonstrate the ease with which the operation is carried out. TDI-Tuning designs and develops its own tuning boxes, which are then manufactured in Germany.

TDI-Tuning boxes are quite simply a device which can be DIY installed within the engine bay resulting in more engine power, torque and fuel saving improvements. All of TDI-Tuning boxes connect to the fuel injection system and work with the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The tuning boxes adjust and streamline the engine’s fuel injection parameters, engine timing, boost pressure and quantity of fuel added, to significantly improve overall performance. They can be fitted or removed by the end user in less than 30 minutes without needing special skills or specialist input. In case of recalibration, the tuning equipment can be sent back to TDI-Tuning to be re-programmed for other vehicle brands and models.

TDI-Tuning Managing Director Graeme King said, “Leading car manufacturers and international automotive businesses gather in Bangkok once a year. It is our opportunity to show support by being there with our dealer SKB Top Tuning, talking to its customers and demonstrating how our range of bespoke tuning boxes can enhance any vehicle’s performance.”

In 2013, Thailand ranked 9th in global automobile production, building almost 2.5 million vehicles. In an increasingly sophisticated market, TDI-Tuning’s flexible, high tech solutions to enhance power, improve torque, and increase economy, are the sought-after choice.

TDI-Tuning boxes are catered to diesel and petrol engines and applicable for most major auto brands such as Peugeot, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, BMW, Renault, Ford, Citroen and more. Each Tuning Box comes with a 3-year warranty, with a starting price of under 300 pounds.

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