Chevron Malaysia has introduced the new Techron Concentrate Plus (TCP) fuel system cleaner for motor cars. The Techron Concentrate Plus or TCP is a formulated additive to assist to thoroughly cleanse or detox your car’s engine from dirt, carbon deposits and grime.

Packed in a convenient and slim bottle, the TCP shares the benefits of Caltex’s patented Techron technology, a scientifically proven formula to clean petrol vehicles’ vital engine parts and ensure optimal performance. Simple or easy to fill up, just pour a bottle of TCP into a near empty or partially filled tank prior to filling up fuel, then observe an almost immediate thorough engine cleansing begins before your very eyes!

In just one tankful, it cleans engine deposits and protects the entire fuel system, restores lost power and performance, and helps reduce emissions while improving fuel economy. With repeated use, TCP is also able to clean and protect fuel system components from sulfur contamination, which can cause faulty fuel level sensor over time. The TCP is especially effective for vehicles with 5 to 6 years life or more.

Chevron’s Techron Concentrate Plus additive passes Boroscope Tests

Two recent tests reinforced the effectiveness of Techron technology, which is available in Caltex with Techron petrol as well as in the concentrate form, in keeping vehicle engines clean.

In Caltex’s Karl Storz Endoscope (boroscope) test, conducted in Southeast Asia last year, it revealed the harmful effects that lower quality petrol have on motor engines, while highlighting the cleaning proposition of Techron technology as the ideal solution for motorists. Chevron reseachers, via the Co-operative Research Council (CRC) Intake Valve Deposit, evaluated images of intake valves, ports and piston tops (via the spark plug hole) from about 80 cars that utilized the TCP to visually assess the presence of dirt and deposits prior and after application. The end result was the TCP kept intake valves almost spotless, even for vehicles using lower quality petrol. In Thailand, boroscope test conducted on four 2008 Japanese sedans had revealed an average score of 8.1 out of 10 prior to using TCP. After using TCP, these four cars achieved an average score of 9.9 out of 10.

The TCP is backed by Chevron’s 30 years of research and development. Besides, Caltex has a strong heritage in pioneering the clean proposition for vehicles, thanks to Techron Technology’s unique polyetheramine that’s been formulated to clean fuel system deposits and prevent them from re-forming.

Techron Concentrate Plus additive price and availability

The TCP (Techron Concentrate Plus) 355 ml bottle, good up to 5,000 km, is available at all Caltex stations nationwide, starting 15 July. Currently, Chevron Malaysia is running an introduction promotion for the TCP, which is available at just RM 35 a bottle; normal price is RM 45. The promotion period is valid until 31 August.