The first EV by Lexus, the UX300e

The New Lexus UX is significantly the brand’s first mass-production Electric Vehicle, showcased at the Guangzhou Motor Show recently. 

In its compact SUV C-SUV platform, the new Lexus UX 300e is said to rival any petrol-engined C-SUVs out there in terms of performance. At the same time, UX 300e has one of the quietest cabins in its class, as befits the sound management heritage of the Lexus DNA.

Speaking of Lexus DNA, the UX 300e has a Coupe-like Crossover look. The look is very similar to the current Lexus compact SUV, the NX. In addition to the bold and sophisticated exterior reminiscent of tough and agile driving, Lexus developed special aerodynamic wheels and underbody cover for the UX 300e.

As an EV, Lexus prioritized sound management in the UX300e. The UX 300e adds insulation beyond just the battery and suppresses outside noises such as wind or pebbles which would be otherwise noticeable in the absence of an engine and transmission. This allows drivers to enjoy comfortable tranquility in the cabin. On top of that, Lexus focused on sound while driving to provide a natural feeling. Active Sound Control (ASC) transmits natural ambient sounds to allow for understanding of driving conditions, and provides a natural feeling for the cabin’s occupants. Furthermore, a neatly placed shift-by-wire system on the center console contributes to the simplicity and functionality of the interior design,

On creature comfort and amenities, the UX 300e offers the latest in connected car technology. By linking to a smartphone using a dedicated app, drivers can check the battery state of charge and driving range. Charging controls are also included such as timer function to inform the owner when the vehicle will be fully charged or to schedule the charging. The app also allows the owner to remotely control various convenience functions such as the A/C, seat heaters and window defrosters.

In developing the UX 300e, Lexus utilized the knowledge acquired developing the brand’s industry-leading hybrid systems, and applied the same level of quality and comfortable operation to its first production EV as it always has with other vehicles.  The efficiency of the motor, inverter, gears and high-capacity battery were all maximized, utilizing the knowledge acquired developing hybrid vehicles. By improving the performance of the entire system, the UX 300e’s driving range is an anxiety-free 400 km. A drive mode select also helps in this department to provide much needed acceleration and instant torque of the EV powertrain at a push of the pedal. The drive mode can be activated with the steering’s shifters to control acceleration, engine braking and four levels of deceleration regeneration without compromising on-road feel. Other factors that aid the EV include the inclusion of a high quality battery and low center of gravity, thanks to strategic placement of motor and battery underneath the vehicle body. This strategic placement is combined with optimized of front/rear weight distribution and moment of inertia.

Steady as she goes

The high-performance level of the GA-C platform is enhanced with additional braces and optimization of the shock absorbers’ damping force to match the dynamic changes of electrification.

Lexus prioritizes the development of the most advanced safety technologies and quickly delivering them to drivers. UX 300e adopts Lexus Safety System+, as Lexus continues to pursue the prevention of accidents and fatalities, as well as decreasing driver stress. The aim is to provide a more natural and safe driving experience.

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