20101018071129549 Volkswagen Group Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., distributors of Volkswagen vehicles in Malaysia, held its very first media test drive over the weekend, featuring the New Polo 1.2l, Golf and Scirocco 1.4l . The inaugural media drive was from Saujana, Subang to an excellent retreat resort at Tanjung Jara in Terengganu.

The KL – Terengganu Volkswagen TSI and DSG Experience presented members of the media an opportunity to drive each of the soon-to-be-launched new Polo 1.2l, Golf & Scirocco 1.4l along the usual West-East highway, trunk and town access roads. Our destination included several driver- change locations along the WE highway route and a lunch stop at the scenic Hyatt Kuantan (above right). Team no.2 comprised of Ian Khong, Chew Khai Ning and I were designated to begin our journey on a Golf 1.4l, followed by the menacing Scirocco and the brand new Polo 1.2l.

The new Polo (above left), Golf & Scirocco (above right) are loaded with exemplary styling and convenient packages both on the exterior and interior, though the new Polo and Golf do have an almost ‘twins’ look exterior . The new Polo and Golf are also roomier inside compared to the previous generations, while the Scirocco prefers to be a two-seater with little room to spare at the back. All the latest VW variants are equipped with the defining VW DSG 7-speed transmission and TSI technology. Which means, the new Polo 1.2l, Golf & Scirocco 1.4l are a lot edgier in terms of dependable speed and gear-shift proximity compared to variants of similar classes, Each vehicle carries appropriately sized alloy wheels and tyres; the Polo looks classy on15” wheels and tyres, the Golf ‘s 16” shods command some attention on the road and the Scirocco’s 17” are the mean-est of them all.

The new Polo, we deemed the ‘little rocket’, the Golf & Scirocco provided more than just raw pace and speed, but the torque which varied between the three models did put a huge grin on our faces. My take would favor the Scirocco which handled much better on straights and gripped the road more effectively than its smaller siblings, especially at sharp bends and the valley of death between Kuantan – Terengganu stretch.

We were able to push to each car’s speed limit; for the Polo, up to 190km/h, the Golf checked out at between 210-220km/h and the Scirocco topped out at 220km/h (above). Gearshifts on either model were rather phenomenal and optimally configurated based on relatively smooth low gear transitions at varying speed intervals. On this note, the Scirocco faired the least against the Polo and Golf as the car did struggle for a bit on lower gears according to its pick-up speed. We think the Scirocco 2.0l version should not have this discrepancy…

Impressive power and torque on each of the three variants, aside from the design and value practicality; new Polo rates 105hp and 175Nm at 1500 – 4100 rpm, Golf is at 160hp and 240Nm (highest in its class), and the Scirocco 1.4l also takes 160PS and 240Nm; contribute indefinitely to the 2010 World Car of the Year award for the new Polo and 2009 WCOTY for the Golf.

(Scirocco: left, Polo: right)

The new Polo and Golf worked best at low to mid-range speed and could take some pounding on tough roads and augured well on challenging corners, however the Scirocco was still the daddy for tight “S” bends and blind-sided corners, thanks to its lower ride height and wider chassis.

Smooth power delivery on all three variants were ensured by the DSG 7-speed gearbox that allowed the driver to engage down and up shifts quickly and responsively, either on tiptronic shifters for the Golf and Scirocco or the shiftmatic on the Polo. On overtaking situations. there were plenty on this trip, the Scirocco and Golf provided ample bite, while the Polo wasn’t too far behind whenever an overtaking was required. When the situation called for slowing or hard-braking, the DSG down-shifted automatically(even on semi-auto mode) to bring the car to a safe traveling speed or idle, a key ingredient for absolute safety and confidence assurance on the road. In addition, the standard front ventilated disc, rear disc and ABS for the three VWs further assisted in the braking department. The transmission also upshifted itself on semi-auto mode, but an experienced driver would prefer a quicker rate and at a higher rpm. Further aiding handling and stability on the brakes for the Golf and Scirocco models are the EBD, EDL, ESP, HBA and TCS.

The new Polo, Golf & Scirocco all lived up to the hype of improved cornering and overall car stability as the cars practically hugged the road on fast entries and exits, most of all the Scirocco. The Polo was quite acceptable for its small dynamism and aggressive stance given its relatively small chassis, shorter wheelbase and taller ride height. Although we opted to go for higher speed, the Polo pretty much topped out at 190km/h, while the Golf and Scirocco could yearn for a little more beyond the speed we had recorded.

The new Polo consumes at 5.3 litres according to Volkswagen and emits 124g CO2 per km to come up tops as the most economical and environmentally friendly vehicle. The Golf and Scirocco achieve 6l/100km and 139g CO2 and 6.3l/100km and 147g CO2 respectively.

All three variants have a refined interior thanks to rigorous German input and the standard Volkswagen identity. For an additional RM7,000, your Golf could come preloaded with more refinements such as; bi-xenon headlights with turn signal indiicator, static and dynamic bending lights, front fog lamps and Media-in USB/iPod media interface. These features are standard on the Scirocco 1.4l and 2.0l.

After almost 4 hours, we arrived at our destination at Tanjung Jara completely satisfied with the organization of the TSI and DSG experience and the opportunity to drive all three latest VWs. And thanks to the improved ride handling, noise reduction improvisation and exceptional comfort, the variants were truly fun and exhilarating over the medium distance drive.

The new Polo offers 4 solid colors; Candy white, Flash red, Savanna yellow and Sea blue; and 4 metallic paints; Hot Orange, Pepper Grey, Reflex Silver and Shadow Blue. The Golf also boasts eight paints comprise of solid, metallic and pearl effect. Finally, the Scirocco presents up to a 10-color choice including two special colors for the 2.0l version.

The New Polo 1.2l, Golf & Scirocco 1.4l retail with VW’s 5-year warranty at RM108,888, 148,888 and 188,888 respectively, all excluding registration and insurance. For the higher-end Scirocco, the price begins at RM243,888.

Test drive or take a closer look at Volkswagen Group Malaysia SB networks across the country or visit www.volkswagen.com.my for more information.

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