The Proton X70 owners’ China Roadtrip

Amazing Malaysia – China Trip: Taking the road less travelled

Recently, Proton sent a group of X70 owners on a roadtrip to China, A roadtrip is not necessarily by airplane, the group of X70 owners drove their newly-acquired SUVs from local grounds to China. The ongoing roadtrip, dubbed the Malaysia-China Amazing Trip, is organized by the Borneo Leisure Touring Team. This trip will take participants on a 13,000 kilometers 33-day odyssey across 4 countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and China.

These brave souls and enthusiastic Proton X70 owners have been traversing the plotted course for about a week. Admittedly, this won’t be for everyone. Most people can’t spend two weeks to get from their home to their holiday destination but for those who aren’t on a time crunch, going overland to another country is a trip worth taking.

The designated group of X70 drivers left Malaysia via the North-South highway, on their destination in Hatyai. The first-day course took 540km and 12 hours. Juru City was a checkpoint and lunchtime for the crews, then the road transportation checkpoint at Seberang Jaya to apply for permits to enter Thailand. As it was a leisure trip, the owners and passengers were able to take advantage of the X70’s comfort, better-than-good air-conditioning and music streaming throughout the journey. The group’s destination at Hatyai was achieved in the evening and the envoy was greeted at Proton Motors Thailand.

After a restful break, the group began day two with a journey from Hatyai  to Hua Hin. The journey’s distance was 740km (one of the the longest of the trip). Many owners were praising the X70’s ride comfort, especially at cruising speed between 90-120km/h, One feature, the air ioniser was also much appreciated, especially on long distance drives.  

On day 3, the group went from Hua Hin to Tak, with a journey distance of 619 km. The Tak Province in Thailand shares borders with Myanmar. During the run, owners testified that the X70’s 1.8 TGDI engine provided decent power and favorable torque moving through traffic. While, the Auto Hold function was highly appreciated at stop lights and idle situations.

The next day, the crews went to Chiang Khong, a 580km and 10-hour route. Chiang Khong featured the infamous Magic Hill on Highway 105. Here, the crews pit the X70 against the scenic background of the Mekong river and Laos. On the fifth day, the group would cross the Friendship Bridge to Laos. The destination was Mengla and the 430 km trip would cross over to China.

Over five days, the Malaysia China Amazing Trip contingent crossed over from Thailand to Laos and then China.  The crossing to China was via the Asian Highway 3, which runs through Ban Houayxay and extends north to Yunnan Province in China.

There’s still three weels left for the X70s to traverse in the big country…

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