allcarschannel Following recent buzz about its popular B- and C-segment variants, UMW Toyota Motor has decided to expand the buzz to its D-segment contender, the Toyota Camry. The Toyota Camry 2.0G now gets a make-over on the inside and out. Codenamed Camry 2.0G X, the new kid on the block in Toyota’s large sedan line-up is intended to present perspective customers or buyers an additional option and a different look and feel. (click to enlarge)

The 2.0G is smack right in the middle of the Camry range which consists of the top flight Camry 2.5V and 2.0E. Given the need to spruce up the Camry, UMW Toyota, last May, introduced a custom-designed aerokit just for the variant.

Fast forward to 2014, the Toyota Camry 2.0G X receives the most noticeable dark bezel head- and rear-lights and 17-inch dark silver alloy wheels. Not forgetting these elements too; the LED strips on the tip of the extended front skirting, the ‘X’ factor emblem at the corner of the boot lid, and the slightly more pronounced side and rear skirtings.

Inside, the updated Camry 2.0G ‘X’ factor has dark brown leather seats that pair effortlessly with the dark-themed cabin and wood-like veneers. In addition, there are rear side sunshade and power rear sunshade, as well as navigation system with reverse camera added to the interior package for good measures.

Safety-wise, VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) with Traction control is the standard equipment on the 2.0G X. VSC and TC act together to detect wheelspin during high-speed cornering or cornering on slippery surfaces. Whenever such a condition (oversteer or understeer) is detected, the system applies the appropriate amount of braking force on one or two wheels to reduce engine power for the purpose of improving stability and grip.

The On-The Road (OTR) price for the Toyota Camry 2.0G X is RM 159,900 in the Peninsular only. For other regions’ prices, please visit your nearest Toyota dealership. Aside from the Camry 2.0G X, UMW Toyota Motor announced new prices for the refreshed Innova variant. The improved Innova retails at this on-the-road with insurance listed range: RM97,749.90 to 110,990, for the Peninsular only.

For further details or options on the Toyota Camry 2.0G X and Innova, hop on to any Toyota dealerships or branches. You may call Toyota Malaysia’s free phone line 1-800-8-TOYOTA (869682) or visit