2013 Toyota Fortuner 2.7V TRD Sportivo Toyota Fortuner has gone through a make-over for the year from the exterior to the interior. UMW Toyota Motor has made available this improved version of the Fortuner based on important customers’ feedbacks about the previous version, and the largest non-national car manufacturer’s has also kept the Fortuner’s prices unchanged.

The improved Toyota Fortuner takes on the familiar outlook from before, with the front of the truck/SUV identical to the recently announced 2013 Toyota Hilux pick up. It now has wrap-around rear glass panels and flush body panels. Evidently, UMW Toyota Motor has intentions to make this large car a little more appealing, with a premium feel, hence dual-tone dark grey wheels are instilled for the 2013 Fortuner.

2013 Toyota Fortuner 2.7V interior

On the inside, a predominantly black interior is preferred to the previous sandbiege color. The reasons are not entirely hard to figure out, especially for Fortuner or Hilux drivers. Seats for the standard 2.5G Fortuner consist fabric materials, while ISOFIX are affixed to the rear seats for toddlers or children on board. The ISOFIX is an added passive safety to the current Fortuner. At the most important vicnity of the Fortuner -the dashboard, the large SUV now has a more desirable center console and door trims that blend well with the interior.

Toyota Fortuner 2.7-liter in standard trims and TRD Sportivo

2013 Toyota Fortuner  2.7V TRD Sportivo at the rear

For the higher Fortuner, the black combination leather upholstery is gifted silver stitchings for that every bit of refinement. The driver also gets a 6-way power adjustable seat for a diverse range of comfort level. The black dashboard is paired nicely to the black woodgrain that conveys a high-end presentation.  To spruce things up, UMW Toyota Motor has made available the TRD Sportivo ornamentations for the 2.5G and 2.7l Fortuners.

The 2013 Fortuner is still powered by either a 2.5G Diesel, same as the Hilux, or the more powerful 2.7-liter VVT-i engine. The diesel Fortuner churns 106 kW and up to 343 Nm of torque, whereas the petrol version goes up to 118 kW, but has lesser torque ratings at 241 Nm.

Toyota Fortuner price and availability

2013 Toyota Fortuner 2.7V TRD Sportivo rear profile

The improved Toyota Fortuner is valid at the base trim, starting at RM171,305; the TRD Sportivo version goes up to RM 174,789; the regular 2.7l Fortuner is RM179,024; and the 2.7l Fortuner TRD Sportivo tops it all at RM 182,482. All prices are on-the-road with insurance and include a a 3-year/100,000 kms warranty.