Want to win a Brand new car? Here’s your chance to win a Vios Sports Edition at the upcoming Toyota Racing Festival at MAEPS (Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang). This weekend MAEPS plays host to the Toyota Racing Festival and another round of the one-make Vios Challenge series.

To be eligible to win the Vios, one just has to attend the Toyota Racing Festival, fill in a form and answer a few simple questions. The correctly answered forms will then be eligible to be entered for a draw to determine the winner of the Vios Sports Edition, which resembles the actual one-make series race cars.

The second round of the Toyota Racing Festival and Vios Challenge weekend is expected to be packed with motor racing action, drift action, celebs, games and more. The limelight is on the Vios Challenge races, particularly the Super Sporting Category where most of top local racing drivers are competing for the inaugural title. At MAEPS, challengers are eager to bump previous winner Tengku Djan off the ranking board.

With a wider circuit, longer straights and elevation changes, the MAEPS course rather favor the challengers namely Dreamchaser pilots Mark Darwin and William Ho. Other potential runners are Keifli Othman and Geraldine Read, a female participant who drives for Team Excel Racing. Read is the sole female racer in the series and has driven a Vios in the F1 support race recently.

Aside from the competitive category is the gentlemen’s category, the Promotional category where celebrity drivers Fattah Amin, Shukri Yahaya, Diana Danielle, Janna Nick, Geraldine Gan, Danny Koo, Venice Min and Shawn Lee are going to thrill the crowd with their race-aspired talents. Local media organization is also pouring on more local celebs to meet and greet fans.

On drifting showcase, fans should not miss the drift show by champion drifters Japan’s Masato Kawabata and Hideyuki Fujino. The pair is making an appearance courtesy of Gold Sponsors Toyo Tires.



Toyota OneMillio Bonanza campaign

With the Toyota RM1million Bonanza promotion offering up to RM1 million still up for grabs for those who purchase a brand new Toyota before the end of the year, the Toyota Racing Festival is an excellent opportunity to pick up your favorite Toyota car as you will have the opportunity to view and test drive most of the new models right there at the venue. While you browse your favorite Toyota, sure to look out too for the new Toyota C-HR that will be on display in the car show booth.

On site will also be an opportunity to test drive a Toyota Hilux on a specially-constructed obstacle course.