allcarschannel UMW Toyota Motor has established its biggest 3S Center yet at the Indahpura county in Kulai, Johor. The purpose of this Toyota 3S center is to serve the community’s and neighbouring vicinities’ rather large vehicle numbers. With the Kulai dealership in place, UMW Toyota Motor now command an extensive network of 97 sales and after-sales dealerships nationwide. (click to enlarge)

The new Toyota Kulai 3S center is considered as UMW Toyota Motor premier 3S facility in the state of Johor and set to provide better facilities for customers, all under one roof. The company has spent close to RM15 million on this facility in order to deliver its brand promise and the Toyota Quality Experience to customers.

The 3S center, featuring on a 2.3 acres land, has a total built up area of more than 50,000 square feet. It features a spacious showroom that displays up to 5 cars, a service center that takes up to 75 vehicles daily and a comfortable customer waiting lounge with Wi-Fi.

Dato’ Ismet Suki, President of UMW Toyota Motor, highlighted that UMW Toyota Motor is focused in providing the Toyota Quality Experience (TQE) to customers at every point of contact. “Befitting our “Customer First” philosophy, we always strive to give our customers the utmost priority,” Ismet expressed. “We are committed to deliver high quality products and provide excellent service in our effort to meet our customer satisfaction and reaffirm our position as the top selling non-national brand in the country for more than two decades.”

UMW Toyota Motor’s President also reiterated on last year’s total sales, which tallied  92,500 units. The figure put Toyota in the lead in the non-national segment for an unprecedented 24th consecutive year.  Coincidentally, the southern states contributed 16,000 units to the overall sales, with 75 percent or 12,000 units derived from the State of Johor.  “UMW Toyota Motor strongly believes that the automotive industry will continue to grow. We will strengthen our operations to meet our sales target of more than 100,000 units for Toyota and Lexus vehicles in order to achieve market share of more than 15%,” Ismet  commented.

In the After-sales department, there was a 7 percent increase in pick-up rate; with more than 218,000 cars being serviced in all Southern States and 70 percent had accounted from the State of Johor. UMW Toyota targets to improve on its total vehicles of 1.25 million CPUs from the previous fiscal year.