Lexus 5YEARS Warranty UMW Toyota Motor has just announced an extended warranty of up five years for all Toyota vehicles. The 5 years warranty is applicable for all locally-assembled and imported Toyota models registered from 1 April.

In order to remain relevant as a major player in the domestic automotive industry, UMW Toyota Motor has decided that the time is finally right to switch from its normal 3-year warranty to 5-year warranty. In fact, almost every major brands in the country are already offering 5-year warranty as standard. The 5-year warranty plan is also extended to existing Toyota owners at a one-time charge, depending on models. This extension offer is valid from today until 30 September. Owners who sign up during the stipulated period will receive a free MaxCheck Advance service package. The 5-year warranty plan is fully backed by Toyota Motor Corporation and its local principal. It is only available with vehicles that are distributed by UMW Toyota Motor and purchased through its branches or authorized dealerships in the country.

In addition, the 5-year warranty is packaged along with the soon-to-be-launched Toyota Hilux and even the Toyota Hiace commercial van. UMW Toyota Motor felt that the extended warranty should be extended to commercial vehicles as well, and the plan is intended to give greater peace of mind to owners.

The 5 year warranty conditions for new vehicle and extension for existing vehicle offered by UMW Toyota Motor are identical throughout the entire period of coverage. This differs from some extended warranties in the market which have reduced coverage during the additional years as they are provided by third parties.

As with all manufacturers’ warranties, owners must adhere to the scheduled service intervals which must be done at authorized Toyota service centers. It is also a condition of the warranty that the use of non-genuine parts and technical alterations not authorized or approved by UMW Toyota Motor will void the warranty. Certain models may also have warranties covering specific items which are separate from the 5-year warranty. For example, the battery packs for Toyota hybrid models have an 8-year warranty period. Specific warranties are also provided for items such as tyres and batteries in all vehicles.

Toyota 5YEARS WarrantyLexus 5YEARS Warranty

Customers can obtain further information on the new extended warranty coverage at all Toyota showrooms or by calling the Toyota’s toll-free at 1800-8-TOYOTA (869682).