Utilitarian Ride– Perodua Bezza

Everytime when you ask for a Grab car, chances are you will be ferry around in a Perodua Bezza. This also means that the Perodua Bezza is a very recognizable car for Malaysians. Since we recently just tested the latest Proton Saga, Perodua has kindly loan us the 1.0L automatic and the 1.3L Bezza to try out and see what the car have under it sleeves to compete with their rival.

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The Perodua Bezza was never design to be a looker from the get go, as the Bezza was a car design to be practical, reliable, and relatively cheap to run. Perodua didn’t really mess around with the general profile when they were updating the facelifted Bezza.

As for the updates on the Bezza, Perodua have given a few modern touches to the car. At the front of the 1.3L, the new Bezza is grace with a new a slightly sportier looking front bumper, and the sleeker front headlight blends in well with the whole front design. At the side, the newer larger 15 inch rims filled up the wheel arch with a larger 175/60 R15 tyres. At the rear, not much changes apart from the redesign rear bumper that complement the design of the front bumper of the face lifted Bezza.

As for the 1.0L variant, the new front and rear bumpers are present on the car, but the front sensor and fog lights that is present on the 1.3L have been remove from the 1.0L variant. Other than that, the rims for the 1.0L variant rims and tyres have been retain at 175/65 R14.

Driver side

As for the interior, there are not much visible upgrade inside the car. For starters, all variant are now blessed with a Bluetooth head unit that was previously only available on higher spec Bezza. During our time with the Bezza, I had some issue having a stable connection between the head unit and my handphone. Even though the interior is mainly made out of grey plastics, Perodua manage to add some colour into the car by changing the background colour of the instrument cluster to white colour which brightens the instrument cluster.

As for the 1.3L variant, the front seats have also been upgraded to a semi-bucket seats that provided slightly more support for the driver and front passenger compare to the 1.0L variant. The 1.3L variant also gets smart key system with push start button to add on to the convenience of the car.


For the rear passengers, the rear seats of the 1.3L and 1.0L Bezza have fairly sufficient amount of legroom and headroom, but as an A-segment car, the shoulder room is limited for 3 person at the back. As for the 1.3L, the rear seats gets individual headrest. For both cars, you get 508L of boot space that allow you to fit 4 person luggage with ease.


On the 1.0L you get:

  1. 2 airbags
  2. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  3. Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
  4. 2 ISOFIX points at the rear seats

As for the 1.3L you add on:

  1. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
  2. Brake Assist (BA)

The Drive

Since the Powertrain, Drivetrain and Chassis are mainly retain from the pre-facelift Bezza on papers, we still want to check out if Perodua did some engineering upgrade for the face lifted Bezzas.


The 1.3L engine is an inline-4 engine that produces 70kW at 6,000rpm and 121Nm of torque at 4,000rpm produces decent power for the Bezza. The 4 speed have well-spaced ratio that allow the car to cruise at highway speed at lower rpm. The larger wheels on the 1.3L cars did provided better stability on highway cruise. As for the NVH, the updated car has much improved NVH level. With all these changes, I feel the car is trying to be a bigger car than it size suggest.


As for the 1.0L Bezza, it’s a 3 cylinder engine that produces 50kW at 6,000rpm and 91Nm of torque at 4,400rpm which is enough to get the Bezza up to speed, but for going uphill, the engine might need a little more throttle compare to the 1.3L Bezza. The 4 speed gearbox in the 1.0L car is also different from the 1.3L car because the gearbox in the 1.0L car is shorter that make the car feel more responsive from the get go. With the smaller wheels and lighter car, the 1.0L Bezza do feel a little wobbly when travelling at highway speeds. As for NVH, the wind noise and road noise is kept within the acceptable level, but the engine noise can be a little loud when you step on it. The 1.0L Bezza will be the car of that I will choose over the 1.3L as the 1.0L Bezza felt more down to earth and honest car over the 1.3L.


As per the specification

1.0L Automatic

RM 36,580 comes with:

  1. 5 years or 150,000km warranty coverage whichever comes 1st

1.3L X variant

RM 43,980 comes with:

  1. 5 years or 150,000km warranty coverage whichever comes 1st


The new Perodua Bezza is definitely a step up from the pre-fecelift cars. I was really glad that Perodua did listen to the people by adding Bluetooth into the whole range of Bezza, which is considered a necessity for car owners nowadays. For me, both Bezza are decent cars that are design for those who wanted a simple run around while not sacrificing on the utility side of the car that fits the needs of most Grab car driver.

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