View commercial vehicle offers an alternative in the segment

view-commercial-vehicle-offers-alternative-segment Dunia Prestasi Auto and Beiqi Foton Motor Co Ltd yesterday announced the availability of the View commercial vehicle at the Bermaz/Dunia Prestasi annual Media gathering at the Saujana Golf & Country Club.

Marketed as the View in the country, the newest Commercial vehicle or Van presents an alternative to the citizens who require a Value-for-money van with abundance of features. DP Prestasi Auto has selected View as the marque for the new commercial vehicle, instead of Foton, due to domestic registration limitations and the Foton brandname which has scant familiarity to the local carmakers Proton.


Foton, establish in 1996, is one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in China. Between 1996 – 2012 Foton has sold approximately 5 million units of commercial vehicle range, which makes the segment the largest contributor amongst its product ranges; passenger vehicles, agriculture machines and engines. With more than 1,200 dealers and 84 offices around the globe, the future augurs well for China’s strongest commercial vehicle manufacturers.


The View commercial vehicle is offered in six versions and locally assembled at the Inokom factory in Kulim, State of Kedah. The six View types include a petrol-engined window van avaiable in semi-high roof and high roof, and three diesel models window van, panel and semi-panel in semi-high roof and high roof guises. Both the semi-high roof and high roof types are meant for passenger transportation, whilst the panel and semi-panel Views are typically for cargo, equipment and heavy items. The high roof View with an additional height of 175mm (2225mm) to the semi-high roof View’s 2050mm provides additional headroom for taller people, but apart from that the dimensions and specifications are exact.

A 2.2 Diesel-powered, turbo-ed powerplant based on Isuzu’s platform and a 2.7 petrol engine from Toyota propel the View. Both powerplant types are mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.


Chassis and safety takes up a high-Strength body, with front crash zone and door impact bars on both side sliding doors. At the same time, the high-tensile body frame ensures high-load capacity of up to 14 passengers and improves Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) factor. Add ABS, EBD and retractable brake pedal in the safety features list, customers can be assured of a reliable and dependable commercial van. Relevant passenger conveniences inside the View are air-conditioning vents all round, reclining seats and dual-sliding doors.

DP Prestasi hopes to penetrate into the segment and secure up to 10% market share of the approximately 5,000 units commercial vehicle TIV this year. View is available at 43 dealerships around the country at these values:
2.7L 68kW Turbodiesel 5M/T Semi Panel Van; RM63,999.00; 2.7L 68kW Turbodiesel 5M/T Semi High Roof Panel Van; RM65,999.00; 2.2L 76kW Petrol 5 M/T Semi High Roof Window Van; RM67,300.00; 2.2L 76kW Petrol 5 M/T High Roof Window Van; RM67,999.00, 2.7L 68kW Turbodiesel 5M/T Semi High Roof Window Van; RM74,300.00; and 2.7L 68kW Turbodiesel 5M/T High Roof Window Van; RM74,999.00.

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