Volkswagen Golf R and Golf R variant provide with 228 kW / 310 PS the power and dynamic handling of sports cars. Their tuning can optionally be further enhanced via exclusive ‘Performance’ packs. These include ‘Performance’ disc brakes and semi-slicks. Also specially designed for the two- and four-door Golf R is a ‘Performance’ exhaust system. The ‘Performance’ options is valid for track and daily commute.

R-‘Performance’ titanium exhaust system. Igor Akrapovič of Slovenia was actually a racing car driver. But one day he hung up his racing helmet and began to develop exhaust systems, sports exhaust systems. They are so impressive that Volkswagen worked with Akrapovič to design a ‘Performance’ exhaust system made of titanium for the two- and four-door Golf R. The use of the noble metal reduces the weight compared to the standard system by seven kilos. The ‘Performance’ system gives the Golf R completely new acoustics, which extend, depending on driving mode, all the way to that of motorsport. Especially at high revs and when shifting gears, a sound is generated that is typical of Akrapovič systems, in other words, finely tuned and yet not too loud.

R-‘Performance’ brake system. Available for the Golf R and Golf R variant are ‘Performance’ disc brakes. The brake system is two kilos lighter than the standard brakes and thereby reduces unsprung masses. Even on the racetrack the system is extremely stable. The front brake discs are what are known as ‘built pin discs’. In this construction, the brake pot is made of aluminium, while the friction ring (the classic ‘disc’) is cast steel and is joined to this aluminium brake pot by cast pins. This allows it to expand radially when heated. Other benefits of the brake system include its very precise metering. Special brake pads on the front axle perfect the hot braking response. Visually the system is identifiable by the silver logo plate with R-lettering on the brake calipers.






Edited: Volkswagen