Volvo XC60 Volvo XC60 has been the most popular midsize SUV in Europe last year, according to an independent survey by automotive research company, JATO. The Volvo XC60, introduced in 2008, has steadily seen an increase of figures from a mere 6,954 units to a record best sales of 159,617 units in 2015. Europe is Volvo Cars’ most important sales region, representing more than half of the company’s total global sales.

This landmark is another indicator of Volvo Cars’ ongoing transformation and growth story. It also highlights the lasting appeal of the elegant and adaptable XC60, which has been Volvo’s best-selling model since 2009.

The leading position for the XC60 comes as the SUV segment emerged for the first time as the most popular car segment in Europe in 2015, according to JATO. The XC60 has allowed Volvo to compete head-on with and beat its German competitors in the segment, one of the most competitive in the market. Now in its ninth year of production, the XC60 remains relentlessly popular among car buyers and over 750,000 units have been sold since its introduction.

In 2012, the car breached the 100,000 mark for the first time and in 2015 almost 160,000 XC60s were sold around the globe. The most important markets for the XC60 in 2015 were China, the United States and Sweden. Within Europe, the XC60 has also proven to be highly popular in key markets such as Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

The Volvo Xc60 is ready for All roads, all weather. With features like all-wheel drive, hill-descent control and hill-start assist to give you that extra push when you need Your XC60 can sense swerving cyclists and pedestrians and prepares your breaks for a sudden stop. If there’s certainly no time to wait, your Volvo XC60 can break for you to avoid impact. Extending your car’s safety to the people around you.

Volvo XC60 front quartersVolvo XC60 profile

The Volvo Xc60 is available in Malaysia in two variations: the 245hp T5 and 306 hp T6, with the price starting from  RM288,888…