What defines a Luxury car?

In this day and age, Luxury cars are defined by the status quo and obviously, the price point. High-end vehicles and supercars are categorized in this synonym too. But, there’s more to that, than just status and price. Owning a luxury means you’ve arrived!

Luxury cars are a thing now due to the ever-expanding finances of the rich and super-rich, along with the opening of vast new markets like China, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia and more has led to huge expansion in the global market for high-end vehicles, along with the revitalization and rapid growth of renowned Supercar marques such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bentley, Bugatti and Aston Martin.

The difference between a regular and a Luxury

A regular or standard car is good enough for the daily commute. So what differs it from a Luxury? The comparison between the two comprises the components inside and out, a plush interior that truly make occupants feel that they’re in a plane’s first class seats, and a luxury could absorb road harshness and everything that’s going on outside. Thanks to an upgraded suspension, luxury cars make bumps and ruts in the road seemingly disappear. Some luxury cars even got adjustable suspensions or air suspensions, allowing the cars to cushion all kinds of road anomalies. With a more effective NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) level and a sturdier drive normally on a high-end car, the driver does not get exhausted fast and could go a further distance .  

When it comes to looks, luxury cars have the Grace to describe the exterior and performance to showcase the engine, which invariably describes power. When combined, it’s simply Power and Grace. And it’s just about looks and performance, luxury car brands give a whole new level of dealership and after-sales experience.

Try stepping into a Porsche showroom or Mercedes-Benz Autohaus or better yet visit an Aston Martin boutique, you’ll experience customer service like no other. This level of customer experience is advocated by a super showroom design with strong brand activation for example, how the cars are showcased, the colors or decos, a furnished waiting lounge, the many high-end amenities that you just don’t get anywhere else and a more special car delivery procedure. Customer service is another thing with high-end showrooms, you usually get very courteous, friendly and a person who speaks fluently to assist in your car browsing and viewing process. .

Standard or High-end: The choice is yours

Certainly there are many luxury cars that are, at their core, premium versions of more standard cars. One easy example is the Lexus ES350, which is mechanically identical to, and built on the same assembly line as, the Toyota Camry. While one could certainly load all of the options onto a top-of-the-line Camry, the Lexus gives an owner the opportunity to choose more high-end options beyond what can be fitted to the Toyota. The Lexus has optional real wood trim, opulent leather seats, and a high-end Mark Levinson audio system (these are exclusive to Lexus cars only). If the supple leather and wood trim are not as critical to a particular shopper as a low monthly payment, the savvy shopper might be best served at the Toyota dealership. By knowing that a car of equally high quality to the Lexus is available, it might make sense to go with the more affordable version.

The status quo and the Upmarket perception

In automotive terms, many car owners feel the need to maintain a certain status among their friends and acquaintances, and to project that status via their automobile. These status battles may seem petty, but they are real to many people. In fulfilling market needs and people’s status quo, this is where automotive brands strive, in terms of marketing and promotion. The trick is in creative advertisements on all available media platforms, either psychological or outright straight forward. Some ads are even on seasonal basis to constantly remind potential buyers or general mass.    

Consider all this during your next car purchase. There may be petty reasons for a luxury purchase, but there are plenty of interior and exterior features that will make your drive much more fulfilling and engaging.

Some excerpts from cars.usnews.com

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