20101130075654169  Motorsport Media Sdn Bhd., the official Online Motorsport Media for the 2010 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS ’10), will be giving away Goodyear merchandise, Broquet and BORPower products to registered and lucky KLIMS ’10 visitors at our booth situated at M4 (Hall 1). The KLIMS ’10 will take place at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) from 3 – 12 December, less than 4 days to go.

Broquet and BORPower are relatively popular fuel saving and engine efficiency enhancement products that suit gasoline and diesel engines. Both products have been testified by industry experts for their acclaimed quality and effectiveness for today’s vehicles.

Broquet which debut in Malaysia approximately two years ago is an oxidation catalyst on either petrol or diesel engines. In addition, it provides more engine power output through its fuel alteration mode where fuel is chemically altered to a state that allows more complete combustion of the hydrocarbon molecule, thus better output marginally. When installed in an engine, Broquet serves as an octane booster, combustion enhancer and combustion chamber deposit cleaner which ensures improvement on your car’s fuel consumption rate.

Broquet lasts for 400,000km which practically the length of your car’s life and is also transferable to your new car. Being maintenance-free, a newly installed Broquet unit will immediately treat fuel and perform from the get go. Once the unit kicks in, your car’s combustion is facilitated, ensuring the maximum fuel being utilized while it removes internal carbon deposits. Test results have shown that a Broquet unit betters fuel economy of up to 12% for urban driving and much more for distance driving and a car’s horsepower also sees marginal increase. Its octane booster capability allows a car to be filled with cheaper or lower octane petrol, without mitigating power output.

Another engine enhancement product to be introduced by Motorsport Media SB at the KLIMS ’10 is the BORPower (above). BORPower is an all purpose lubricant for 4-stroke, gas and diesel engines that satisfy common ACEA and API standards. Developed to reduce fuel consumption and extend an engine’s life, BORPower functions to reduce friction and abrasion in an engine via the hard-coating and ball-bearing effect.

BORPower contains the active ingredients boron diamond powder and nano boron. Under high pressure between two metal surfaces, the boron diamond crystals are pressed into the material to form a coating. This coating is diamond-hard and at the same time very slippery, while the nano boron properties form a low-friction solid lubricant film in between these coatings, initiating drastic reduction in the engine’s friction and abrasion. The product comes in 5-litre motor oil packaging and a bottle of BORPower is applicable into an engine of a performance car, while half a bottle or less is suitable for most small and medium-sized vehicles. BORPower takes a few hours of driving after application to work best and has even been tested on turbo-charged cars. It does not damage or dimish the function of catalythic converters and is compatible to all mineral and synthetic oils in the market within the specification of the manufacturer. Its usage works much like an engine oil change or service at various intervals set by the specific manufacturer.

Come by the Motorsport Media SB booth at M4 in PWTC’s Hall 1 to discover these innovative and essential fuel saving and engine enhancement products. Register and be in the draw for complimentary Goodyear merhandise, Broquet or BORPower products.

See you at KLIMS ’10!