Next-generation DS 4 incorporates New EMP2 platform

DS Automobiles has previewed the New DS 4 ahead of its official debut. The New DS 4 is scheduled for market roll-out in late 2021.

The all-new DS 4 is the first DS Automobiles vehicle built on a new version of the EMP2 platform. The platform not only supports a variety of powertrains, but has been developed for improved aerodynamic performance, with an athletic stance and enhanced driving dynamics thanks to completely redesigned suspension and steering components. It is lighter and offers a more optimized interior space, as well.

Aside from the EMP2, the new DS 4 is said to accommodate the next generation of plug-in hybrid drivetrains, with no compromise on interior space. The New DS 4 E-Tense is available with a 180 hp four-cylinder petrol engine that is paired to a 110 hp electric motor for a combined 225 hp.

Inside, the New DS 4 has been designed so drivers no longer have to take their eyes off the road, providing an indisputable safety benefit. Spearheading this initiative is the new DS Extended Heads-up Display (HUD). With new immersive technology, driving information such as vehicle speed, navigation instructions, warning messages or driving aid information appear as if projected directly onto the road ahead. Using an optical illusion, data is displayed four meters beyond the windscreen for ease of view. The technology is a first for the segment.

In addition, sensory and experiential technology is part of a wider offering, at the heart of a completely re-imagined infotainment system, the DS Iris System. The new interface takes the usability of a smartphone with a tactile, seamless and responsive interface based around the idea of profiles that can be completely personalized. The display and driver settings load automatically when entering the car and the personalization allows different drivers to adjust the content to suit their personal preferences. This interface is enabled by voice or gestures. For gestures, DS Smart Touch technology is available via a screen on the center console, which drivers and passengers can control with their fingertips via an eight-inch screen.

Next innovative feature in the DS 4 is the DS AIR. The DS AIR is an innovative ventilation system featuring compact vents, positioned high up and fitted with invisible vanes. The design is discreet and in-keeping with the high-end feel of the New DS 4 interior.

Other next level innovations in the New DS 4 include: DS Drive Assist (Level 2 semi-autonomous driving technology), DS Active Scan suspension, DS Night Vision, and the DS Light signature with Matrix LED Vision.

The New DS 4 will come with ultra-modern slim-line DS Matrix LED Vision headlights featuring Beam and Bending Light technology. This offers a powerful illumination during day or night. In a nutshell, the LED Vision headlights are made up of three LED modules. It is complemented by extended daytime running lights made up of 98 LEDs. The daytime running lights have a distinctive vertical light signature.

The Matrix beam, on the other hand, is split into 15 individual segments which turn on and off independently, depending on the driving conditions – again using five pre-set modes: City, Country, Motorway, Poor Weather and Fog. Using the camera located in the top part of the windscreen, the New DS 4 adapts the light beam automatically to suit both road and traffic conditions with a reach of up to 300 meters. This allows for constant use of main beams without dazzling other road users.

Source: DS Automobiles

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